Announcing DreamStarter NFT Vaults and Launch Partners

Mar 23, 2022 4 min read
Announcing DreamStarter NFT Vaults and Launch Partners

Greetings dreamers!

The DreamStarter DAO continues moving forward, creating many opportunities for $DMR holders.

Dreamr Labs is working on vetting applications to bring you only top-tier quality projects that we know you will be excited to participate in and that we expect to bring you value.

The next feature of DreamStarter to be released is DreamStarter NFT Vaults. Vaults will be created for projects launching on DreamStarter and official partner collections.

Alongside the release of Vaults, DreamStarter will announce details about the upcoming $UNITY token CrowdPool Fairlaunch soon!

Staking your NFT in the designated vault will earn yield paid out in DreamStarter's $UNITY token and potentially include other incentives provided by the project itself. For the launch partners listed below, you can expect a vault to be created soon!

DreamStarter Launch Partners

Dreamr - Dreams to Reality Series

Holders of the Dreams to Reality series will have access to vaults with favorable rewards in both $UNITY and $DMR

Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon aka SaM is the Dreamr Ecosystem's official mascot. You can read their origin story here. There was a special edition SaM NFT (the first ever) given out as part of the DreamStarter Launchdrop. Holders can look forward to high yield DreamStarter vaults, airdrops, and more.

Collections Supported: Sun & Moon | DreamStarter Launch NFT
Collection Size: 123 (Launchdrop Mint)


In the year 2021 a meteor drops down on one of the most exclusive cannabis fields that ever existed. These fields brought joy to thousands of people with concerts, special get togethers, and some of the best buds you have ever encountered. After the meteor strike something very strange occurred. The ooze from the meteor created a monsterous bud mutation which spawned … Monster Buds!

Collections Supported: Monster Buds Genesis
Collection Size: 11,111 (sold out)

RDB Car Club

Famous and world-renowned Automotive Customs Shop RDBLA launches a thrilling Metaverse Play-To-Earn racing game with their RDB Car Club NFT collection as the ticket into the game. Members of the most exclusive car club in the Metaverse can expect $UNITY vaults and in-game integration.

Collections Supported: RDB Car Club, Genesis Collection
Collection Size: 5,000

Culture Shock Galleries - The Culture Hip Hop Cards

Culture Shock Galleries (CSG) is developing the world's first mainstream fantasy hip hop game & Metaverse powered by officially licensed NFT collectible trading cards. CSG's goal is for The Culture Cards & accompanying Metaverse to be a vehicle for economic empowerment to those in the hip hop community.

Collections: The Culture Hip Hop Cards, all past and future drops

Crooked Giants

Crooked Giants is a collection of 1/1 custom Giants with incredible Crooked grills by artist Nico Riccione. Nico is the founder of 12th and Market, to which Crooked Giants holders can expect special collaborations in the immediate future. Nico is also the artist behind the Dreamr Ecosystem's mascot, Sun & Moon.

Supported Collection(s) TBA

Trippy Birds

Trippy Bird will be the first NFT project to officially launch on DreamStarter! More info to come on this project very soon, including a due diligence report by Dreamr Labs

Once our vaults are fully launched, you will be able to commit NFTs from Partner Projects to DreamStarter Vaults and earn benefits for being a diamond-handed holder.

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