Announcing Brand Profiles on Dreamr via Monthly Subscription

Nov 5, 2021 2 min read
Announcing Brand Profiles on Dreamr via Monthly Subscription

We are announcing our first B2B product offering, giving brands ranging from startups to the Fortune 500 the ability to turn their vision or mission statement into a Dream Declaration, which will benefit from the same algorithms used by Dreamr to help its users quickly build an engaging community. The company has opened a pre-registration that will offer a free 30-day trial period for brands who express interest prior to launch.

Ashish Bagrecha, Dreamr’s CTO, commented “The dreamr community has grown to be one of the most powerful communities in the world, and we wanted to be thoughtful about how we let Brand’s interface with users in our sacred space for dreams. Truthfully brands, especially startups, all start out as dreams that a person or group of people is working to bring to life. Helping brands turn their mission into a dream declaration, will help them communicate their “why” and that message be shown to relevant audiences who can then choose to engage with them.”

Essentially, and in contrast to the brand experience on most other social platforms, this offers brands a way to set up their profile once and sit back as the brand’s dream starts to get shown to a targeted audience in the app’s Dream Connect feature. Dreamr reported adding over 50,000 new users in just the last month since the launch of its DMR cryptocurrency, with more joining every day.

Dreamr will help brands turn their mission or vision statement into a dream via an online dashboard, and show the Brand Dream to our users in the app's Dream Connect feature. Brands will declare their dreams via a web dashboard that will also include analytics on views and engagements, and the ability to respond to messages from users.

The launch of business profiles in the Dreamr app is a significant opportunity for brands to create visibility early on within what we know to be the most powerful community in the world. Dreamr users will be able to direct message brands and follow them, which will create more ways for users to interact with brands when dreamr launches its upcoming storytelling features.

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