Behind the Dream w/ GreenGale Farms

Aug 13, 2021 2 min read
Behind the Dream w/ GreenGale Farms

Welcome to back to another episode of Behind The Dream!! Watch and listen in as we interview accomplished dreamrs from around the world – from entrepreneurs to artists and visionaries of all kinds.

In this episode, we talk to Katarina Simic and Harrison Gale of GreenGale Farms. GreenGale farms is a private 40 acre family-owned farm and animal rescue that has over 150 animals, with some of the most unique natural environments in the heart of Las Vegas. Tune in to hear about the amazing journey behind their dreams.



What is your definition of success?

Katarina's definition of success is the satisfaction she gets from seeing people enjoy her creation. "We love hosting people, we love bring them out and giving them the tour, telling them all about the history of the area. Seeing that sense of wonder and awe in their face and they are like "wow we are really in Las Vegas right now, I would have never guessed that in a million years!" We love hearing that every single time, because we truly have something unique and special going on out here. We will be successful if we can keep it preserved and looking more or less the way it is or maybe even better, leaving a legacy with our kids one day."

We also asked, "What is the most important step someone can take to live out there dreams?"

"A lot of people want to say it's the first step and that is a big one no doubt about it, but the reality is the most important step is always the next step. The goal posts move, dreams change and evolve, and a lot of time things don't work out the way you want them to. It can get frustrating or disheartening, but the most important thing is you just keep going one step forward at a time, just keep going forward."

Learn more and check out GreenGale Farms on IG @greengalefarms or at


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