Behind the Dream w/ Architect, Sculptor & Artist Yubi Nikola

Feb 16, 2022 2 min read
Behind the Dream w/ Architect, Sculptor & Artist Yubi Nikola

Welcome back to another episode of Behind The Dream! Watch and listen in as we interview accomplished dreamrs from around the world – from entrepreneurs to artists and visionaries of all kinds. They share wisdom from their experiences about how to chase a dream that we can all apply on our own journey.

On this episode we interview professional Architect, Sculptor and Artist from California, Yubi Nikola. With a distinct style creating artwork and sculptures that have been known to spark conversations and be put in the hands of celebrities all over the world.. Yubi sat down with us to talk about the journey behind his dreams, going from architect and designing to making one of a kind art pieces and all of the struggles he continues to come across and faced launching during the pandemic.



Using footsteps and shoe soles as brush strokes, Yubi’s work is an experiment in pigmentation and materiality, capturing one of our most universally shared experiences. An analysis of a seemingly simple action, his use of rich colors and shadows allow for a closer look at, and a chance to uncover, the complexity of otherwise mundane presenting moments.

“With my sculptures, I want to achieve a level of pigment saturation that even shadows read as color. Over the years, I’ve become captivated with shoes but more specifically the soles of shoes that separate us from the surfaces we walk on. I’ve always been intrigued with following someone’s path on a dirt trail or at one of my job sites and seeing all the different shadows and textures created by one simple thing that we all do WALKING. Combining my two obsessions of deep rich color and footsteps. I use my footsteps and hand made shoe soles as my brushstrokes and pigment, clay, salt, and sand as my canvas to create sculpture.

"Where are you in your journey of your dreams?"

"It's like an ongoing thing, so it's constantly develops and changes. I used to want things I don't really care about anymore and I never thought that the stuff I wanted would be what I am working towards right now, so it's constantly evolving and moving forward but it always is me being able to do what I want to do, support my family with that and show the world beautiful objects.

Check out more and connect with Yubi Nikola on Instagram @yubinikola!


Yubi Nikola
Yubi Nikola


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