Behind the Dream w/ Inspirational Entrepreneur & Dreamer Matthew Fernandez

Dec 14, 2021 2 min read
Behind the Dream w/ Inspirational Entrepreneur & Dreamer Matthew Fernandez

Welcome back to another episode of Behind The Dream!! Watch and listen in as we interview accomplished dreamrs from around the world – from entrepreneurs to artists and visionaries of all kinds.

In this episode, we interview Mathew Fernandez, a 23 year old entrepreneur from Los Angeles living with cerebral palsy. At birth Matthew was born a premie and the Doctor said he wouldn't ever be able to walk or talk. But his dream is to walk on his own, with the help of the dreamr app and dream machine team, Mathew recently started a successful e-commerce clothing company called Violets Are Kinda Purple which did over $400,000 in sales and sold-out when the site launched. Tune in to learn more about the journey behind his dreams, defying and beating all odds against him and inspiring everyone on the internet to chase your dreams.



What was your dream as a kid?

"My dream was to be able to walk on my own, I'm still practicing and getting better and better everyday. My other dream was to launch a clothing company, thank you to Charlie and all of the Dreamrs for help making my dream come true. They are like family to me, I love them a lot. My inspiration for the clothing company was a rapper named Nipsey Hussle, he inspired me to do my own clothing because he has his own clothing line called "The Marathon Clothing." From there I was just inspired to do my own and received a ton of support and when my clothing line dropped their was Nipsey's team, Akon, Mike Tyson, Henry Cejudo, Aloe Blac and so many more all supporting me. It was a dream and I will never forget that day."

How important is it to declare your dream out to the world and any advice?

"The dreamr app is pretty cool, I think it's important for people to declare their dreams because that way they can be heard and have a voice. Maybe their dreams will come true, who knows. My advice to them would be follow your heart, follow your dreams, chase your dreams and go after whatever you believe in. You will get farther in life if you just believe in your dreams and consistently accomplish your goals. Just push yourself to do better and better everyday, with my condition I know its hard but I don't let it stop me and I push forward day by day. Manifestation is real and anything is possible!"


Violets Are Kinda Purple
Violets Are Kinda Purple

Check out more and connect with Matthew on Instagram @emazingmatthew!


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