Behind the Dream w/ Figure Skating Coach & Videographer Michelle Hong

Aug 24, 2021 2 min read
Behind the Dream w/ Figure Skating Coach & Videographer Michelle Hong

Welcome back to another episode of Behind The Dream!! Watch and listen in as we interview accomplished dreamrs from around the world – from entrepreneurs to artists and visionaries of all kinds.

In this episode, we talk to Michelle Hong - a figure skating coach and videographer, as well as a content creator posting videos on her YouTube and Tiktok. Tap in to learn more about her dreams and some of the insights she has learned pursuing them through the different stages of her life!



What was Michelle's Childhood Dream?

Michelle's dream as a kid was to be a pediatrist. She said, "That dream stemmed from a lot of different places, it stemmed from me having injuries as a figure skater and athlete, but also stemmed from pressures being in an asian-american household. But as I grew to develop who I was and discovered the things I was really interested in, those dreams started to shift. I soon started to find myself really infatuated with the YouTube and Social Media Space, so I ended up with a really big desire to become a content creator and make a difference in the sport I love, Figure Skating."

We also asked her, "What does giving power to your dreams mean to you?

"When I hear "giving dreams power", it actually touches a special place in my heart. Because often times dreams die because of outside noise or stereotypes. These limitations that are external, really affects somebody's journey and their own voice. So I really hope that everyone out there really gives their dreams power, because if you dig deep down inside, you have this skill set, there is so much you can learn online. You do not need to wait until somebody teaches you, you do not need to wait until someone gives you permission, you do not need to wait until you have a degree. There is so many different avenues to success, as long as you have a dream, you have a plan of execution and a support system then you can make your dreams come true as well."

Check out more and connect with Michelle:


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