Behind the Dream w/ Professional Magician Steven Brundage

Dec 7, 2021 2 min read
Behind the Dream w/ Professional Magician Steven Brundage

Welcome to back to another episode of Behind The Dream!! Watch and listen in as we interview accomplished dreamrs from around the world – from entrepreneurs to artists, creators and visionaries of all kinds.

On this episode we talk to Professional Magician and Entertainer, Steven Brundage! In addition to being a Top 3 Finalists on America's Got Talent in 2016, Steven has appeared on countless number of TV shows all across the world some including; ABC's Good Morning Show, NBC's Today Show, Penn and Teller's Fool Us and has been featured in numerous news outlets. Tune in to learn more about the journey behind his dreams and how he proved everyone wrong, that you can do Magic full-time!



What was your big "break" with magic?

"My big break with magic was when I got pulled over by cops for speeding just a little bit. I was driving home from a show and they asked me what I was doing and I said I was coming back from a magic show and the police asked me to show them a magic trick. So I actually hopped out of the car, had them to start recording me on my phone, did some magic and then they let me go. The next day I actually posted that on YouTube and in a couple days it had over two million views. Then I started to get invited on TV shows and that was the first time I had my big break!"

What was one of the biggest challenges you have faced in the pursuit of your dreams of being a full-time magician?

"One of the biggest challenges I have faced recently was covid-19, for years I spent a full year to book my calendar and book my tour that I had setup. I had all of these showcases that I did with dozens of shows lined up and then in one day, I had all of my shows and income go to zero. Which is kind of terrifying when you still have rent, car payments, cell phone bills and I was also paying people to work for me. When that happened I had to stop paying the people that we're working for me and completely shut down. It's scary when you don't know how you're going to feed yourself and help the people around you, but luckily we are working around the pandemic together and it seems like shows are starting to pick backup."


Magician Steven Brundage | Entertainment for Colleges, Corporate & Private Events
Master Magician Steven Brundage specializes in stage shows and roving magic for corporate & private events, and on college campuses across the U.S.

Check out more and connect with Steven on Instagram @brundagemagic!


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