Community Dreaming - "The Dreamr Lab" @ The Y in Las Vegas

Sep 11, 2020 2 min read
Community Dreaming - "The Dreamr Lab" @ The Y in Las Vegas

The Dream Machine Tour Crowdfunds “The Dreamr Lab” Donation @ The Y in Las Vegas

AUGUST 31, 2020, LAS VEGAS –

The Dream Machine Tour is underway and Dreamr + Charlie Rocket are helping communities achieve their dreams. During the Los Angeles stop, we successfully crowdfunded and built a professional recording studio at Watts Empowerment Center in only 6 days!"

Since Dreamr calls Las Vegas home, we wanted to dream even bigger on this stop. So, we partnered with The YMCA of Southern Nevada to create “The Dreamr Lab” @ The Y in Durango Hills – a unique, state of the art space with everything aspiring young digital media creators need to produce high quality content including film stations, editing suites, and a complete recording studio. Over the course of ONLY 3 days, we crowdfunded over $25,000 from our wonderful community and enlisted the help of local artists and team members to transform an empty storage room into a creative space where dreams can come to life.

We are so thankful to everyone who donated their time, money, and energy to this incredible project.

“It’s going to be great for this community to chase their dreams,” said Charlie Rocket, Dreamr’s newly appointed Chief Dream Officer.
“In Vegas these kids can easily go down the wrong path, so we wanted to create The Dreamr Lab where they can get closer to their dreams.”

Breezy Bolden, COO of The YMCA So. NV, and her staff at the Durango Hills YMCA were extremely accommodating and an absolute pleasure to work with to accomplish this highly ambitious goal.

“Breezy was willing to dream crazy with us and believed in our ability to execute a build out like this in 3 days. She didn’t hesitate to say Yes and her entire staff helped lend a hand in any way they could.” Commented Chris Adams, CEO of Dreamr.
“We were thrilled to partner with The Y on this because they are a time tested organization who has been helping kids pursue their dreams through dedicated programs and providing more opportunity to every family they serve.”

Dreamr’s mission is to make big dreams more practical to achieve. We know the best way to accomplish this is by bringing people together. When we rally around a big idea and share our resources, we can quickly bring big dreams to life. We are especially proud to contribute to the local community by creating a space that will foster young people’s dreams for years to come.

To celebrate the opening of “The Dreamr Lab” @ The Y and its hometown stop on The Dream Machine Tour. Dreamr, Inc. soft-launched its mobile applications built for dream chasers on iOS and Android! The early access notification was sent out minutes after the ribbon-cutting ceremony, capping off an exciting tour stop in Las Vegas and successful series of events.

Future iterations of the dreamr mobile app will include a crowdfunding platform for individual and community dreams. The Dream Machine Tour will continue to crowdfund more community dreams over the next few months. Share your big dreams with us and stay tuned to see which cities have been selected.

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