Deep Dive Series: Dreamr Social

Jan 3, 2019 6 min read
Deep Dive Series: Dreamr Social

A close look at dreamr’s social networking tools.


In this Deep Dive series, we are taking a look at specific features (or category of features) that make up the core components of the dreamr experience. This post is about the dreamr platform’s social networking features.


Dreamr Social


At the core of the dreamr platform is a re-imagined social networking experience.

Social media is in its golden age. Over the last decade, it has become synonymous with the way we keep in touch with friends and family, build professional networks, find a date, look for a job, explore news and entertainment, advertise our small business, the list goes on… and on. According to ComScore, one in every three minutes spent on a mobile device is in a social app. In that sense, it’s fair to say social media has become synonymous with using our smartphones.

At dreamr, we believe the connections we make with one another are the most valuable currency. Yet in our new era of unprecedented online connection, the new relationships we form are often shallow. Our most valuable resource is largely untapped. You might have 500 facebook friends right now, and your ability to keep in touch with them or broadcast an update is a 10X upgrade over how things were before social media. But how are we harnessing that power to create real impact in our lives?

Our ability to connect with each other and share information instantly across the world has extremely valuable use cases that today’s services aren’t tapping into.

Let’s dive in!


The Platform


In our case, we have re-imagined social with the core purpose of building a positive, supportive network around a user’s dream or aspiration.

We say social is at the core of the platform because dreamr looks and feels a lot like a social app — with the addition of robust financial tools to harness the power of your new network built on top of it. The network a person is able to build is essential to getting the most out of the other pieces. We have done an extensive amount of research, testing, and iteration to design an online networking tool that has the power to positively impact someone’s life.

Home Screen and User Profile (Mockups Only) © 2019 Dreamr, Inc.

Important note — no vanity metrics will be shown on profiles, such as likes or followers. On dreamr, we’re connecting around what really matters.


Dream Declarations


The most important piece of information on a user’s profile is their dream. Declaring your dream unlocks the other features of the platform, and allows the network to start facilitating like-minded connections to you.

A dream can be declared in video, photo, or text in story-like fashion with a time limit of 68 seconds.

Dream Declaration Screens (Mockup Only) © 2019 Dreamr, Inc.

Once their dream has been declared, users can add updates to it and invite others to co-dream with them, which we call dreamweaving.




Dreamweaving is a way for users to band together on a shared dream and create what’s called a super network. The original poster of the dream does the inviting/approving and maintains admin control over the participants and the content.

Dreamweaving — Admin Control

Every user can have one active dream at a time, which they can invite others to join. In addition, they can be a participant in up to 5 Dreamweaves.

The Supernetwork Effect: Any user that is part of the Dreamweave can contribute dream updates, and these updates will be shared with the collective network of all of the dream’s participants combined, with the original dreamer maintaining admin control. The supernetwork effect also applies to crowdfunding campaigns. We have some messaging tools designed specifically for dreamweaving in the works.

Dreamweaving Screens (Mockups Only) © 2019 Dreamr, Inc.

Dream Updates

Dream updates are short-form content made using our content camera or uploaded from the camera roll. What makes this content a dream update, is the user’s decision to attach that piece of content to their original dream post, creating a chronological story that starts with the user’s dream declaration.

When someone visits a user’s profile for the first time, they can see a user’s original dream post and how far they have come since then — all in one sequence of content. For already established connections, it’s an easy way to give everyone the latest update on your progress.

Content Camera Screens (Mockups Only) © 2019 Dreamr, Inc.



Moments are our version of the popular Stories format. We want our permanent content to be centered around Dreams only, so ephemeral content makes sense to us for everything else. Moments are made with the same content camera as dream updates and can be shared with individuals or added to your Moments, which erase every 72 hours.

While not every Moment is worthy of a dream update, there are many reasons why dreamr will be the best place for sharing your day to day journey. When we focus on achieving our dreams, it’s equally important that we all learn to love the process. Sharing moments is a beautiful way to share your process.

Dreamr Moments (Mockups) © 2019 Dreamr, Inc.


Dream Connect


Dream Connect is the core networking feature on the platform (it will probably get its own deep dive) and is a powerful tool to build your new network of supportive connections.

Dream Connect takes the dream declarations of everyone on the network and delivers them in an interactive “connect or swipe” experience. Dream Connect uses data from the user’s own dream to create powerful filter tools around location and user-defined categories. Dream Connect, along with these filter tools can be utilized to proactively build a network of new connections. Combined with the network doing its job of facilitating new connections, this is a powerful and efficient way to build a supportive network around a user’s dream.

Dream Connect Screens (Mockups Only) © 2019 Dreamr, Inc.


Suggested Connections


While Dream Connect can be used to actively build your network, dreamr will work in the background to bring connections to you. Our suggested connections feature will serve new connections daily that we think will be relevant to your dream: someone to be inspired by, someone you can help, or someone who might be a missing piece of your puzzle.

Connections Hub with Suggested Connections (Mockup Only) © 2019 Dreamr, Inc.

What‘s your dream?


Our intention is for someone to register for dreamr, and within 5 minutes be able to start forming new, authentic relationships around their dream.

Something special happens when you know what a person’s dream is. In our opinion, it’s the only question we should really ask when we meet someone new. It simultaneously gives you a glimpse into a person’s potential and what matters most to them. Connecting with someone because you resonate with their dream sets the stage for genuine interactions, and opens the door for new possibilities. Just compare it with, “what do you do for work?” which we’ve all asked someone before, and you’ll see the difference.

If you don’t know what your dream is yet, that’s ok too. It’s time to figure it out, though, and there’s no better place to do that than a network full of dreamers.

Thank you for being here. 💙

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