Greetings dreamr community.

We're writing with an update on the DMR Token!

We are pleased to announce that our smart contract for the Dreamr Platform Token (DMR) has been audited by CertiK, the top-rated blockchain security platform and contract auditing firm.

You can find the DMR Smart Contract audit report from CertiK on their foundation's official site here:

The DMR Token (ERC-20) has now been minted, below is the official contract address:


Etherscan link:

Our next steps with the DMR Token distribution are as follows:

  1. We are keeping 100% of DMR token reserves secure by moving them to institutional-grade cold storage custody with Delchain, where tokens will be separated into the different buckets outlined in our whitepaper.
  2. Dreamr will not be conducting any kind of token sale (ICO, IDO, IEO etc.) We will be direct listing DMR on a tier 1 cryptocurrency exchange, the exact exchange and date will be announced very soon in the dreamr telegram group.
  3. Right after the CEX listing, we will be listing the DMR/ETH pair on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) TBA.
  4. The 800 DMR allocated to the 22,101 user accounts referenced in the original announcement post will be claimable once we open up our digital wallet and staking capabilities in the dreamr app. We encourage everyone who received these bonus tokens to HOLD them, our efforts to provide additional value to DMR Holders are just getting started.

As a reminder, the core function of the DMR Token is platform governance! We are giving our community a significant say in where the dreamr platform goes from here and giving users a lot of power to hold us to our original vision and intentions for the dreamr platform.

Today marks another significant milestone in the realization of the dreamr mission. This platform would not be possible without the support of our amazing community, so hats off to all of you!!

Join us in the Dreamr Official Telegram for the latest Dreamr Ecosystem and $DMR news and special giveaways!

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