The Dream Machine Tour originally announced the deal for an original content series on Snapchat's Discover platform on May 30th via Charlie Rocket's Instagram page.

The Dream Machine Show will be centered around The Dream Machine Tour's random acts of kindness and dream-making, starring Dreamr's Chief Dream Officer Charlie Rocket, and purposefully edited to leverage Snapchat's unique storytelling capabilities. Tyler Bishop, DMT's head filmmaker who made several hit short films during the 2020-21 Tour, is leading the curation and edits for the Snapchat show.

Today, the show premiered episode 1 with a Charlie's drive thru of dreams segment, featuring musician Max Louis out in Hawaii. The barista tells Charlie her dream is to visit Japan and learn more about her heritage, so the squad spends the next hour frantically putting together a gift before their flight leaves back to Los Angeles, only to find out when they got back that the dreamr of the hour went home early. :(

Luckily, Max was prepared to stay back and make sure this dream didn't get left behind.

Check out the show at the link below, and let us know what you think! Subscribe on Snapchat to get notified when new episodes drop.

We sent a random Starbucks barista to Japan ✈️
A show about making random acts of kindness the new cool and trendy thing!

Revenue generated from original content goes back to The Dream Machine Tour Foundation, the official non-profit arm of The Dreamr Ecosystem.

Get involved & dream with us:

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