Dream Starter DAO First Governance Vote (DSIP-1)

Feb 22, 2022 2 min read
Dream Starter DAO First Governance Vote (DSIP-1)

Earlier this month we announced the launch of a new platform within the Dreamr Ecosystem, the DreamStarter NFT Launchpad, which will be governed by the DreamStarter DAO.

DreamStarter Improvement Proposal (DSIP) #1

As we continue to put the finishing touches on DreamStarter, we invite all of you to be involved in the very first decision on the platform! The vote will take place on Snapshot.org where DMR holders can vote on the proposed initial Tier Levels for staking DMR on the DreamStarter Launchpad.

What better way to start off a DAO than with a community vote on a core feature of the platform?

To participate, users are required to connect a wallet and verify they have $DMR tokens on snapshot.org. Voting will take place on the Polygon Mainnet.

Snapshot address: https://snapshot.org/#/dreamstarter.eth/proposal/0x55c5b8a0a8ea362bcf97a5c612a3bc3ddbd595f270f5dae915c5eb283e3a6329

DMR on Polygon: 0x955CE23f20217a6Aa205620b40EdE4C9E83d325f

To bridge your DMR from Ethereum to Polygon network, we recommend the polygon PoS bridge: https://wallet.polygon.technology/bridge

DSIP-1 | Tier Levels for $DMR Staking

22-02-2022 Dream Starter Improvement Proposal #1

Tier Levels for $DMR Staking

Dear Community,

As explained in the DreamStarter announcement post, staking $DMR will allow dreamr community members early access to NFT project launches supported by DreamStarter, and raffles for whitelist spots to the hottest projects.

Staking $DMR will provide access to 1 of 5 Tier Levels, depending on the amount of DMR staked. Higher Tiers will receive increased benefits. Those benefits are;

a) early and/or guaranteed access to NFT mints
b) whitelist raffles to the most in-demand NFT drops
c) higher tiers will receive increased allocation opportunities (i.e., the ability to mint 2 NFTs instead of 1, or greater odds at winning raffles)

Read the original announcement post here: https://dreamuniverse.org/introducing-dreamstarter-dao/.

The proposed staking Tiers structure is as follows:

Tier 1 - 1,000 DMR
Tier 2 - 25,000 DMR
Tier 3 - 50,000 DMR
Tier 4 - 100,000 DMR
Tier 5 - 250,000 DMR

This structure can be modified at any time in the future through an improvement proposal such as this one.

Voting will take place on Polygon Network (Matic Mainnet).

The $DMR Contract address on Polygon is: 0x955CE23f20217a6Aa205620b40EdE4C9E83d325f

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