Dreamr Opens Private Beta Testing

Jul 15, 2020 1 min read
Dreamr Opens Private Beta Testing

Dreamr Begins Private Beta Testing 

July 15, 2020 – Las Vegas, NV

Dreamr, Inc. has entered the private beta testing phase of Dreamr Social v1 on iOS and Android.

Dreamr, the mobile app with a mission to make it practical for people to pursue their dreams, is preparing to release its innovative social platform focused on providing users with the capability of sharing their dreams and making meaningful, like-minded connections. 

Dreamr believes that putting a supportive community around a person’s dreams if the first and most important step of turning a dream into reality.Over the last 18 months, the dreamr platform has been completely re-developed from the ground up with a huge focus on privacy, delightful user experiences, and blockchain integration to underpin it’s financial tools in development. 

Access to the beta is limited and available exclusively to our testing community for the duration of the initial testing phases, during which Dreamr’s team will monitor feedback and input, and make iterations to the platform.

Anyone who has pre-registered on the company’s website dreamr.app will receive first access to the app prior to the official  launch. The core features available in Dreamr v1 launch include: 

1. Dream Connect – one of a kind interface designed to quickly facilitate valuable and productive connections, and kickstart conversations between users  

2. Private Messenger – ultra secure end to end encryption for a truly private messaging experience 

3. GDP (Giving Dreams Power) – a robust rewards program designed to give exclusive benefits to our most active dreamrs.

Dreamr’s next major milestone will be the official launch of Dreamr Social in August 2020, at an undisclosed time in coordination with The Dreamr x Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine USA Tour. For more information on the epic adventure, visit dreammachineusa.com! 

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