Time flies when you're chasing your dreams. We're checking in with an update on our roadmap and goals for 2022! Before we get to 2022's plans, we want to thank everyone for the support during 2021 and take a moment to acknowledge the success and growth of our movement and platform!

2021 Highlights

We feel it's important to once more acknowledge the DMR token crash from late November/December and give complete assurance to our community that we will never abandon the dreamr ecosystem's first native digital asset. Read the official statement from the team on the DMR crash from December 10th, 2021 here.

Our intent with the DMR token is to give our users a real voice in what dreamr is building, and the price crashing doesn't change that. 33% of the DMR supply is going straight to community members through in-app rewards. Development has experienced delays due to the DMR crash, but we have picked ourselves up and we are ready for an incredible year of dreaming and doing!

Without further delay, we present the...

2022 Dreamr Ecosystem Roadmap

As of February 11th, 2022, our Roadmap is as follows;

Technology and Network

  • DreamStarter NFT Launchpad w/ $DMR Governance
  • List $DMR on a Polygon Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  • [dreamr app] Release of Dreamr In-app Wallets with Polygon network integration & GDP Rewards Distribution
  • [dreamr app] Moments and Dream Updates (dreamr's implementation of stories)
  • [dreamr app] Media Hub for all Dream Universe content
  • [dreamr app] Community & private group chats
  • Staking and governance voting
  • [dreamr app] NFT creation/minting inside Dreamr wallet
  • [dreamr app] Dreamr P2P Marketplace Beta
  • Ability to Swap DMR and other DreamStarter tokens on a Decentralized Exchange easily from inside the Dreamr app

Real-World Events

  • Chase The Dream Festivals: San Diego, Location TBA, Location TBA
  • [Name Redacted] TV Show Executive Produced by Steve Harvey
  • Dream Machine Tour Summer 2022

Ecosystem Goals

There is also a publicly viewable document (linked here) which will be updated continuously and linked on all of our main landing pages.

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