Dreamr x The Y: Dreamr Lab 2.0 is Underway at a Second YMCA Location in Las Vegas.

Jan 28, 2021 2 min read
Dreamr x The Y: Dreamr Lab 2.0 is Underway at a Second YMCA Location in Las Vegas.

We're excited to announce that Dreamr Lab 2.0 is currently being built out at the Bill & Lilly Heinrich YMCA in Las Vegas, NV.

This flagship Y location features an indoor climbing wall, brand new astro turf field and track outside, and inside a brand new Digital Creative Lab. We'd like to give a special shoutout to Cox Communications, who donated $25,000 to The Y to fund an "innovation lab" - what they typically call computer labs they donate. But after the success of the $25K Crowdfunding Campaign and Dreamr Lab build out for the durango hills YMCA during The Dream Machine Tour stop in Las Vegas, our partners at The Y asked Dreamr to get involved and bring the same sauce we brought to the original dreamr lab!

We called in our friends from Graffitti Park Las Vegas, and nearly all of the original Las Vegas artists who donated murals to The Dreamr Lab 1 came back for a repeat performance.

When we toured the space, The Y asked us if there was anything we could do with an un-used rooftop sun deck and we said UHHH YEAH!

This new Dreamr Lab will house 11 computer stations, full music studio, TONS of backgrounds for filming. We can't wait to show you what it's like when we're finished! Full vlog incoming with interviews from the graffiti park artists and much more.

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