Dreamr is committed to providing guest instructors to teach youth classes on the various creative software and tools available in the Dreamr Labs as part of our ongoing partnership with The Y. Classes are recorded (both the instructor + their screen) and the dreamr team turns each class into an online course complete with downloadable guides. These mini-courses are entry level and designed for youth ages 10-18, we call them Dreamr Lab Sessions.

Sessions are organized in different sections below based on the software being utilized in the guest instructor's lesson.

Adobe Illustrator

Dreamr Lab Sessions #1 | Intro to Graphic Design
Intro. to Graphic DesignLogo Design ft. Chris Adams Chris Adams, CEO and Co-Founder of Dreamr, will be teaching Introduction toGraphic Design this Saturday, October 17th at The Dreamr Lab at Durango HillsYMCA. Class in session! In case you were unable to get a seat, here is arecording of the cl…

Adobe Premiere Pro

Dreamr Lab Sessions #2 | Intro to Video Editing
Intro. to Video EditingAdobe Premiere Pro ft. Daniel Bulgatz (Graffiti Park) Daniel Bulgatz will be teaching Introduction to Video Editing on Saturday,November 7th at The Dreamr Lab at Durango Hills YMCA. Class in session! In caseyou were unable to get a seat, here is a step-by-step guide for th…

Ableton Live:

Dreamr Lab Sessions #3 | Intro to Music Production & Ableton Live with Derryck “Big Tank” Thornton
Big Tank has worked with some of the top music artists in the industry such asChris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Jhene Aiko, and Rihanna. He is currently theSVP at Sony Music and is known for producing music for hit films and tv showslike The Chi, My Wife and Kids, You Got Served, and The Boondocks…

Coming Soon

  • Ableton Live
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing
  • Drawing in Adobe Illustrator
  • Photography & Lighting 101

About The Dreamr Lab

The "Dreamr Lab" concept is an ongoing partnership between Dreamr and The Y to build and provide digital creative labs for youth members at select YMCA locations.

Taking a giant leap from the typical "computer lab", Dreamr Labs are filled with high end computers made for heavy graphics processing and media creation. Each lab has creative work stations with Adobe Creative Cloud tools, a fully functioning music studio with sound proof vocal booth, and Ableton Live. The Lab also comes equipped with high end cameras and lighting for content creation needs.

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