Dreamr, Inc. Partners with Recording Artists Guild to Provide Resources for Dreamers in the Music Industry

Oct 29, 2019 1 min read
Dreamr, Inc. Partners with Recording Artists Guild to Provide Resources for Dreamers in the Music Industry

Dreamr, a blockchain-powered social media platform whose mission is to make pursuing our biggest dreams and aspirations more practical, has formed a Strategic Alliance with the Recording Artists Guild (RAG) to provide resources for its users with dreams related to the music industry.

RAG provides a suite of resources to up and coming artists, songwriters, and producers for a price comparable to a Netflix subscription. RAG members can publish their music on major streaming platforms, as well as get access to group health insurance plans, educational content, discounted studio time, and extra bonuses in the form of RAG’s Royalty Coin — a bonus paid to RAG members on top of their royalty fees.

Chris Adams, CEO of Dreamr had this to say about the partnership:

“There is something powerful in knowing we don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue our dreams and be successful. RAG is doing amazing work. They are the perfect example of the type of organization we wish to partner with to add more value to the dreamr community.”

It’s a very common misconception that an artist needs to be signed to a label before they can release music on major streaming platforms like Spotify. RAG assists users with unlimited publishing and royalty distribution for streams and sales, while the artists keep 100% ownership of their music.

Initially, users with dreams related to the music industry will be notified about RAG benefits, and RAG will direct its members to the dreamr platform as a way to organically build a community around their art and discover opportunities for collaboration.

For more information about Recording Artists Guild: https://rag.org

For more information about Dreamr: https://dreamr.app

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