Dreamr Partners with Terra's Angel Protocol to Establish Endowment for Dream Machine Foundation

Mar 15, 2022 2 min read
Dreamr Partners with Terra's Angel Protocol to Establish Endowment for Dream Machine Foundation

Hey Dreamers!

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Angel Protocol to create an endowment for the dreamr ecosystem’s non-profit arm, the Dream Machine Foundation.

Angel Protocol empowers charitable organizations to create non-custodial endowments on the Terra (LUNA) blockchain. This will create a long-term interest-generating account that eventually will become be a sustainable income stream to help our foundation support people's dreams for years to come!

Donations are done in Terra USD $UST. All donations sent to the foundation's new endowment will be automatically invested in low-risk / high-yield DeFi products via Terra's Anchor Protocol. Donations via Angel Protocol endowments currently earn ~15% yield for partner non-profits every year, in perpetuity.

Angel Protocol Flow of Funds

Thanks to the Angel Protocol partnership, supporters can donate to the foundation's endowment knowing that when they give once, they are giving forever.

#LUNAtics can donate $UST to the Dream Machine Foundation's endowment below:


Angel Protocol
Angel Protocol enables charities to create an endowment that makes better use of decentralised finance

Learn more about the blockchain technologies powering Angel Protocol, the Terra blockchain, and Anchor Protocol.

Terra - powering the innovation of money
Terra is a programmable money for the internet that is easier to spend, and more attractive to hold. Available on all leading blockchains.
Anchor Protocol
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