Dreamr Presents.. Charlie Rocket's Dream Machine Tour!

Jul 30, 2020 2 min read
Dreamr Presents.. Charlie Rocket's Dream Machine Tour!


Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley x Dreamr Are Teaming Up to Spread Positivity and Make Dreams Come True Across America.

July 30, 2020Las Vegas, NV

Dreamr, the new social media app making it practical for people to pursue their dreams, is proud to be embarking on this epic adventure with the legendary big dreamr Charlie Rocket. The official Dream Machine Tour 2020-21 kicks off in Los Angeles CA this Friday, July 31. Join team dreamr and Charlie at the opening ceremony at 6pm in Clover Park Santa Monica.

“I started working on dreamr because of my firm belief in the limitless potential of the human spirit,” commented Chris Adams, founder and CEO of dreamr. “I believe that anyone can achieve their wildest dreams if they are passionate enough to enjoy the pursuit of that dream every single day,”

The team at dreamr understands how everyone can benefit from some inspiration, guidance, and support to make their big dreams possible. That's why Dreamr believes the Dream Machine Tour is the perfect vehicle to spread positivity, hope, and provide assistance to dreamers in need during the covid-19 pandemic, and build momentum for the brand leading to the highly anticipated launch of the dreamr app on iOS and Android.

Charlie "Rocket" Jabaley has been inspiring people for years now with the relentless pursuit of his dreams and says he is ready to give back.

“When the dream machine pulls up, somebody’s life is about to change! I want people to dream again and believe anything is possible,” said Charlie when expressing his excitement about driving the Dream Machine around the country to “make a positive impact on people’s dreams.”

Dreamr X Charlie Rocket are proud to be a source of positivity and inspiration at a time when people could really use it. Never before have we collectively faced challenges like the ones we are currently working to overcome, but we are certain that together we can make it through.

Any company or organization that would like to be a part of the tour is welcome!. We invite you to be a part of the journey.

If you know someone who could use some help with their dream, tell us here: https://www.dreammachineusa.org/

Declare your dream on the dreamr app and join the movement online!

To donate or volunteer, email us at [email protected]

About Dreamr, Inc.

Dreamr, Inc. is a technology company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV whose mission is to leverage current and emerging technologies to make it practical for people to pursue their dreams and aspirations. For more information visit, https://www.dreamr.app

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