Dreamr Prioritizes Truly Private Messaging

Aug 16, 2020 2 min read
Dreamr Prioritizes Truly Private Messaging

Dreamr Prioritizes Truly Private Messaging with Integration of the Signal Protocol.

Remember back when our biggest concern about secure communication was passing a note in class and hoping it didn’t get intercepted? Ahh such a straight-forward time for exchanging texts. 

Today, under these extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, digital communication is quickly becoming the most popular way we connect with friends, teams, and family.

At dreamr, privacy is a pretty big deal. Because in the digital age, as we rely more and more on technology for like… everything, there are more and more ways our data can be used against us. 

People using the dreamr platform are trusting us with their dreams, and we do not take that lightly. We are making a day-one commitment to user privacy by making sure all messages and communications sent via the dreamr Messenger are secured by end-to-end encryption, which means your chats can not be read by Dreamr or any third party. 

It’s our job to facilitate meaningful and productive connections between dreamers. What happens beyond that is not our business. We are in the business of making big dreams practical to pursue and creating opportunities, not monitoring communications and mining data. 

Our commitment to security and privacy has led us to integrate the open source Signal Protocol into the dreamr app’s messenger. All communication will be protected by state-of-the-art, end-to-end encryption, with no compromise on the user experience. That means anytime a call is placed or a message is sent, we have no way of accessing that conversation and no one else does either.

With the ultra secure Signal protocol, we couldn’t access your conversations even if we wanted to. It’s just not built that way. You can explore Signal foundation’s work at their website here: https://signal.org

In 2019, Fast Company hailed Signal as “the most secure, privacy-centric messaging app ever made.” Another messenger you’ve probably heard of, Whatsapp, also trusts Signal’s encryption protocol for conversations between its 2 billion users.


In the launch version of Dreamr Social (v1), the Messenger will have text and photo/video capabilities. In future versions users can expect send texts, photos, gifs, stickers, videos, voice messages, files, and make clear voice and video calls across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, and desktop). We will never collect or store any sensitive information. When a message is sent or a call is placed, the Signal protocol doesn’t just encrypt it, it also hides virtually all of the metadata.

Because Signal is a non-profit, users will never have to worry about ads, affiliate marketers, or creepy tracking from our integration of third-party code. Dreamr and Signal share the belief that privacy isn’t optional, it’s the new standard. People should be able to trust that the security of their communication and personal data is at the forefront of Dreamr’s user experience. Our dreams are worth protecting. The next big ideas, inventions, innovations, and breakthroughs will all start as dreams, and dreamers deserve to know that their most valuable communications are safeguarded.

– team dreamr

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