Greetings, fellow dreamers!

Our DreamStarter DApp (beta) is live!

DreamStarter aims to bring additional value to Dreamr Platform Token ($DMR) holders through NFTs and DeFi.

During the DreamStarter LaunchDrop, we gave away 1,000 $DMR to 2,500 winners, and amongst those winners, 123 won and claimed a very special Sun & Moon NFT.

As promised, the first NFT Vault on DreamStarter is for SaM's "Launch" NFT!

Sun & Moon "LAUNCH" NFT
OpenSea Link:
Contract Address: 0x5C45512C39958c73bDdcdCC1179C049D0D079b73
Vault Breakdown
- Deposit Window is open now and until May 10th.
- 30 Day Timelocked Deposit
- Receive 2032 $DMR reward upon withdraw
- Early withdrawal is not possible
- Based on the current floor price of the SaM Launch NFT and market price for $DMR, the APY of this vault is off the charts!

The $DMR Token is Re-listed on DEX, Now on Polygon's QuickSwap 🐉

We are happy to report that after a months-long hiatus from decentralized exchanges, $DMR is back, and this time on Polygon Network, where you can trade and stake with the lowest gas fees possible on Ethereum!

$DMR on Polygon
Contract Address: 0x955CE23f20217a6Aa205620b40EdE4C9E83d325f
QuickSwap USDC-DMR pair

Just Warming Up

Upcoming Sun & Moon "Liquidity Mint"

To support the DMR-USDC Pair on QuickSwap, DreamStarter will be hosting an NFT mint soon designed to add locked liquidity to the swap pair.

These special 8-bit SaMs will produce mega-yield via DreamStarter Vaults and receive special airdrops and WL spots from Dreamr and DreamStarter partners in the future.

Liquidity Providers play a crucial role in the DeFi ecosystem. The deeper liquidity a trading pair has, the more volume it can handle with the least amount of slippage (receiving less in value than the value swapped). We aim to achieve two things with this drop:

  • Establish "Locked Liquidity" for the DMR-USDC pair, which is extremely helpful for building trust in the market.
  • Establish demand for $DMR in DeFi by creating compelling NFT/DeFi combinations to participate in and receive value.

These unique SaM "Liquidity Mint" NFTs can be minted in two ways:

  • Provide liquidity to the DMR-USDC pair on QuickSwap, you'll receive QUICK LP tokens that represent your liquidity position, and then spend your QUICK LP tokens to mint
  • Mint directly using $DMR

How this will work post-mint:

  • QUICK LP tokens collected during the Liquidity Mint get locked for two years in a audited token-lock contract. After two years, the DreamStarter DAO will vote on the following action to take.
  • DMR Tokens collected during the Liquidity Mint will be held by the DAO and combined with royalties from secondary sales to add additional liquidity to the pair. The QUICK LP tokens generated are then sent to the same timelock mentioned above.
The only way to mint one of these exclusive SaM 8bit NFTs will be in exchange for QUICK LP tokens or DMR

Trippy Bird Club - A Polygon P2E Free Mint for $DMR Holders in Tier 1 and Above

For the first project to launch on DreamStarter, we wanted to pick something that gave DMR holders immediate value and had a low barrier to entry (outside of holding $DMR).

We are happy to announce that Trippy Bird is conducting a FREE MINT for $DMR Holders! Your DMR Tier Level will determine the maximum Mint allowance.

Spots will be limited as the supply is only 6969, and Trippy Bird will also be minting from their website. As stated previously, Dreamr Labs will doxx the Trippy Bird team and publish a review of the $TRIPPY tokenomics ahead of the launch.

Stay tuned!

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