GDP Rewards

Sep 23, 2020 2 min read
GDP Rewards

GDP – Giving Dreams Power

Get rewarded for following your dreams.

We recognize that following your dreams can be challenging. That’s why we created dreamr with the intention of making the process more practical and more fun. After declaring your dream, the next step is building your community by making two types of connections: people who support you, and people who inspire you. We believe in you and we want you to succeed, so we are encouraging you to take the next steps by incentivizing the journey.


TL;DR – We are rewarding you for following your dreams with a brand new rewards system called Giving Dreams Power (GDP). 


Yeah, we mean that. The moment you start using dreamr is the moment you start earning GDP. It stands for Giving Dreams Power because everyone could benefit from a little extra boost of motivation, especially in the beginning. Starting can sometimes be the hardest part. So, we’ve simplified it.


Set up your profile, earn GDP. Declare your dream, earn GDP. Watch dream declarations, earn GDP. Connect with dreamrs and help them achieve their dreams, earn GDP. You see how quickly you could rack up the rewards. The more you participate in the process of following your own dreams, the more you earn. And the further you get in your journey, the more you unlock new ways to earn.

Ok, so you’ve downloaded the app, you’re making moves, and you’re ready to see all the points you’ve accumulated. Your GDP points are prominently displayed on your private profile page under your username.

Click on your points to see your completed milestones, and new ways to unlock more. When you’re done celebrating how easy that was, check your rewards for all the ways to redeem your points.

Starting today, users racking up GDP will start be rewarded with discounts and free items from the dreamr gear store!


In the future, GDP can be redeemed for in-app benefits and features. There are a lot more benefits to come in the GDP Rewards Program that our lawyers won’t let us talk about yet (yes.. the benefits are that good!!). 

The dreamr mobile app is now available on iOS and Android


Download Dreamr and start dreaming, earning, and redeeming today!

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