Amazing news from The Dream Machine Tour!

One of the largest toy and entertainment companies in the world, Hasbro, has made a $450,000 contribution to the dreamr sponsored Charlie Rocket's Dream Machine Tour 2020-21.

This is a huge testament to the work Charlie has been doing on the tour, and we are so excited to see the giving and community impact go to the next level!

When dreamr decided to be the flagship sponsor of Charlie's Dream Machine Tour, it was our hope that other organizations would love what we were doing and want to get involved to help give back. It's very exciting to see a major entertainment brand like Hasbro put massive support behind the tour through the holidays.

In addition to the cash donation, Hasbro let us have access to as many toys as we could give away this holiday season! Check out the video below to see what we did with it!

Charlie Rocket's Dream Machine Tour is on the road through February 2021! Download the dreamr app today for a chance to get involved.

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