Hey Dreamers!

We are excited to announce a new decentralized product for the dreamr ecosystem, DreamStarter!

What is DreamStarter?

DreamStarter is a decentralized NFT Launchpad!

Who owns DreamStarter?

We all do! DreamStarter will be governed by the DreamStarter DAO, utilizing the Dreamr Platform Token ($DMR) for governance.

Why are we creating a Launchpad?

With DreamStarter, we intend to give disruptive creators and project teams a chance to flourish by providing unique value creation mechanisms that incentivize participation from the Dreamr Community. Innovative liquidity bootstrapping structures will prevent rugpulls and allow projects to gain exposure to a passionate and proven community that has contributed over $2,500,000 to crowdfunds for dreams.

What blockchains will be supported?

DreamStarter will launch on Ethereum via Polygon at the start. Dreamr Labs is already building on Polygon for the dreamr app wallets and marketplace features.

The Polygon Ecosystem DAO has supported Dreamr/DreamStarter with a grant from Season Zero. We are grateful for the support and are looking forward to collaborating with the Polygon ecosystem to provide more value and security to end users.

What is the added value for DMR holders?

The DreamStarter DAO will showcase projects that DMR holders will vote on to launch on DreamStarter. Staking DMR gets you early access to rounds by launch projects, there will be a multi-tier level with additional benefits for staking more DMR.

Will Dreamr Labs provide resources to projects launching on DreamStarter?

DreamStarter is itself designed to be a massive resource for NFT projects and creators seeking to enter the NFT space. Project teams (even anons) will be vetted by Dreamr Labs to ensure only blue-chip projects and reputable teams are put in front of our community for participation.

Dreamr Labs may incubate promising projects through a selection process overseen by the DreamStarter DAO. This process has not been formalized and we welcome feedback from the community. As a condition of incubation, projects will be required to create a use-case for our new yield-utility token, UNITY.

What is UNITY?!

Glad you asked!

Introducing the UNITY token

UNITY will serve as a yield and utility token for DreamStarter participants and projects respectively. Every project launched on DreamStarter will be complimented with NFT Vaults for round participants to stake their NFTs for pre-defined periods of time (60,120,180 days, etc.) and earn a yield in $UNITY.

Projects launching on DreamStarter will be encouraged to integrate utility for $UNITY. Since the project's NFT holders will be receiving UNITY for staking and providing value to the project, it will make a lot of sense for the project to develop a use case for UNITY. For projects that receive incubation by Dreamr Labs, integrating $UNITY will be a requirement.

We are creating UNITY to stimulate continuity and collaborative development amongst projects launching on DreamStarter.

We look forward to seeing the innovative use cases that creators and projects come up with for $UNITY!

$UNITY tokens will never be sold to the public. There is no private sale either. Dreamr Labs will launch an LP Crowdpool with 90-day liquidity lock to establish liquidity in the secondary market.

More information on launch date, $UNITY tokenomics, and our first slate of NFT launches will be coming out in the first half of this month!

Get involved!

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