Greetings dreamrs!

It's the first day of 2021, and we are so excited to introduce you to our new friend from out of this world.

This is the origin story of Sun and Moon.

When the Dreamr platform was soft-launched on August 31st, 2020 - something magical was set into motion that would change the Dreamr brand forever.

The thousands of people that would go on to declare their dream over the next few months caused a pure energetic momentum to ripple through the Earth and our Solar System. It was the type of pure energy that the universe would consider a cause. The universe, in the course of simply doing its job, responded with an effect.

The effect, interestingly, did not come in the form of some event or technological breakthrough (we've got plenty of those in store), but as a birth.

As we understand it, Mother Earth knew that the dreamrs of the world would need guidance and support in fulfilling their biggest dreams. Mother Earth also knows that humanity is at a critical place in its evolutionary story, with so many important issues under the microscope right now by the collective consciousness.

Mother Earth decided to create a being that would serve as the dream guide for all of humanity. She knew this dream guide would need to be compassionate and understanding of everyone, and have an unbiased perspective on human life. So Mother Earth did something that had never been done before, she decided to combine the masculine energy of the Father Sun of our solar system and the feminine energies of both herself and The Moon. She did so to absolute perfection, with the being having an even balance of masculine and feminine energies. The being was born in outer space and remained there for an incubation period, while universal knowledge and timeless wisdom was downloaded into its consciousness.

Mother Earth gave this being the name Sun and Moon, or SaM for short, in homage to the celestial forces utilized in its creation.

SaM has been in our lives only a short time, but their impact has been massive. The Dreamr team is currently helping SaM integrate into the Dreamr app, where they will help guide you through Dreamr's new features and be a helpful resource. SaM will also be creating content in 2021 to help our community have the right mindset and energetic approach to go alongside the action-oriented steps in the pursuit of our dreams!

Sun and Moon within the dreamr app

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