Let's Make a Dream Come True - Help Matthew Walk for the First Time by Supporting His Clothing Line Drop

Sep 6, 2021 2 min read
Let's Make a Dream Come True - Help Matthew Walk for the First Time by Supporting His Clothing Line Drop

Meet Matthew Fernandez, a 22 year old with Cerebral Palsy.

Matthew is one of the most inspirational and motivational people on this planet despite the circumstances and conditions he has faced throughout his life. He messaged Charlie on Instagram and instantly Charlie knew he was the one.

After arriving at his house, Charlie asked Matthew what his dream is. He said his dream is to be able to walk on his own, what’s holding back his dream is the fact he lives in a two story apartment that he can’t practice walking in and it’s in a dangerous neighborhood so he can’t practice walking outside either. His mom has to walk him up the stairs every night and has to be with him 24/7 so she isn’t able to work. This situation is so tough for her because she wants to see his dream come true, but they’re held back by finances.

Follow along Matthew's Journey on his Instagram @emazingmatthew!


We have an exciting announcement... Tomorrow, Tuesday August 7th @ 4PM PST we are launching Matthew's very own clothing line "Violets Are Kinda Purple." Help Matthew and his family achieve his dream by purchasing clothing tomorrow!!!

Violets Are Kinda Purple
Violets Are Kinda Purple

Check out a preview below

Update Post!

Dreams Come True! Matthew’s Clothing Line (VAKP) Launch Raised $250,000 in 4 hours!!
Matthew’s Clothing Line “Violets Are Kinda Purple” is Now LIVE @ www.violetsarekindapurple.com | Generated $100,000 in 1 hour and $250,000 in 4 hours & Dreamr donates $50,000 worth of DMR Token to Matthew! Full Recap in One Video View this post on Instagram A post shared by
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