Greetings Dreamers!

The day has come for the Sun & Moon Genesis NFT Mint on DreamStarter, also referred to as the "Liquidity Mint," with proceeds creating 12-month locked liquidity for $DMR

Become a DreamStarter VIP

These 8-bit design SaM Genesis NFTs will be the equivalent of a DreamStarter VIP Pass, with benefits for holders including (but not limited to):

  • Whitelist access to all future DreamStarter Launches
  • DreamStarter Lockup Vaults that get rewarded in $DMR
  • Airdrops from Dreamr and DreamStarter partners
  • Multiplier Rewards apply to all holder tier levels
  • This NFT will hold special voting power in the DreamStarter DAO
  • Holders can burn their NFTs and claim 1,000 $DMR in 6 months

Technical Details:

  • ERC-721 - Polygon Network
  • Artwork Style: Algorithmically Generated PFP (8-bit)
  • Collection Size: 5,000

Official Mint Timeline

Mint Open for All DreamStarter Tiers

Thursday 05/19/22 - 8am UTC

Mint Price per NFT

There are two ways to mint.

Option 1 - 2000 $DMR tokens

Polygon Network Only
Contract Address: 0x955CE23f20217a6Aa205620b40EdE4C9E83d325f

Option 2 - $20~ USD mintable with credit/debit card via

We've partnered with crossmint to allow dreamr community members to mint without having to set up a crypto wallet or buy cryptocurrency. Purchase with a credit/debit card and crossmint will handle everything for you, with an account accessible by email.

Price Increase Mechanism

To incentivize early participation, the price for non-DMR mint options will increase by 50% every 48 hours, with any remaining supply burned after ten days.

The price of 2,000 $DMR will remain static throughout the mint.

Burn/Redeem Mechanism

After six months, these NFTs will become burnable through a mechanism on the official DreamStarter website. By burning, the owner will receive 1,000 DMR tokens (or 50% of the $DMR purchase price) back in the same wallet.

$DMR set aside for this date can be seen here: (wallet to be added shortly)

Use of Proceeds

Dreamr Labs will use proceeds to create locked liquidity for the $DMR DeFi trading pair.

Funds will be locked for a minimum of 1 year, with the following action voted on by the DreamStarter DAO. Lockup Addresses will immediately provide lockup addresses to the community for transparency.

Suppose more $DMR is collected than can be deposited into liquidity pools. In that case, the DMR will be held in a multi-sig controlled by the DAO and deposited into the liquidity pool as the collection receives royalties from secondary sales.

Please be aware of scams. Dreamr team or channel mods will never dm you, period. We will never dm you links or ask you to send funds, account info, or private key information anywhere. This is the official post with all of the details, only posted on

If you have any questions, please open a support ticket using the #helpdesk channel in the Dream Universe discord, and one of our staff will gladly assist.

Dream Universe
Dreamr Community Discord Channel

For more information and FAQ on the DreamStarter Genesis "Liquidity Mint" please see theses articles!

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