Sixteen Thousand People Donate $1.5 Million to Rebuild the Dream Relief Fund

Feb 1, 2022 7 min read
Sixteen Thousand People Donate $1.5 Million to Rebuild the Dream Relief Fund

The #RebuildTheDream relief fund was a global campaign aiming to raise $1.5 million to help rebuild the dreams of communities affected by one of the most devastating natural disasters we've ever seen. After Tornadoes devastated communities in Kentucky, Charlie made the decision to re-route the tour, go to ground zero, and start the #RebuildTheDream Fund to help people who had lost everything.

16,000+ people have donated over $1,500,000 to this fund.

Dream Machine Foundation - Rebuild The Dream Relief Fund
Help Us Raise Money For 100 families affected by the tornadoes. DONATE HERE FAQ POWERED BY: SPECIAL THANKS TO: Change lives by gifting dreams The #RebuildTheDream relief fund is a global campaign aiming to raise $1.5 million to help rebuild the dreams of communities affected by one of the most devas…

Lives that were changed by Dreamrs

Meet Huda

Huda is a survivor of the destruction in Mayfield. She held her children as the tornado ravaged her home, taking the life of her 3-year-old son, destroying her house & trapping her family under rubble. Thankfully, Huda & her other three children survived. They were left with nothing. Huda lost her child. Her home. Her community. Huda told us that her dream is to have a home for her family to find normal again.

Meet Pastor Joey

A man loved by the Mayfield community & known for his inspirational sermons & big heart. He lost his church in the destruction along with his car, yet he wants only to help others. Pastor Joey is a true inspiration to the community who deserves a place of worship to continue spreading love to the world.

Meet Juggy

Juggy is a jack of all trades. An entrepreneur. A man of faith. A good friend to those who need one. An inspiration to the Mayfield community. Juggy lost his BBQ food truck in the disaster and his means of income with it. Juggy brings people together not only through his food but his spirit. Despite losing his livelihood, his optimism has not faltered. Together, Juggy wants to rebuild Mayfield & bring hope to the community.

Meet Jimmy

Jimmy is not a citizen of Mayfield but a Tennessee local who has stepped up to help the folks of Mayfield. He hauled food, resources, and necessities from his home in Tennessee to Mayfield early after the destruction and hasn't left. From early mornings to late nights, he has spent his energy feeding the community and providing help where it is needed. Jimmy is a true Mayfield hero.

Meet Pamela

Pamela is a 73-year-old grandmother who has lost everything. She has no family who lives in the state, and her low-incoming housing unit is being completely demolished. She has nowhere to go. Despite the circumstances, Pam has managed to keep a smile on her face. People have been supporting her and trying to help her find a place, but it's been hard to find the funds for her. She says she is tired, but she can't rest until she has a home and her city of Mayfield is rebuilt.

Meet Breeana

She is a young mother of two kids, ages 4 and 2, living in Dawson Springs. When the tornado hit, Bree held her children in her arms as they flew through the storm. They landed hundreds of yards away, with many broken bones and injuries. She was impaled by debris. Her son fractured his femur. But thankfully, they survived. Her oldest son is autistic and blind. Bree says the stress of having a special needs child has already been so much, and now she has the stress of not even having a home. They had been living with their grandmother when the storm hit. They have no insurance. And nowhere to go. Their dream is to have a place to call home. Three generations are trying to rebuild.

Meet The Bean Family

They live on the outskirts of Dawson Springs & lost everything in the tornado devastation. Their home. Their cars. But not each other. They say the most challenging part is not knowing when to stop searching the debris for their belongings. They don't have much anymore, but they have hope because they have each other. Even after losing everything, they're still grateful.

Meet The Holbrooks

They lost part of their home in the tornado & are struggling to find a new place to call home. They had just saved up enough money to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Now they are left uncertain of what the future holds. Even after losing their home, their dream is to make sure others are alright, especially those who have lost someone in the devastation. This family is so selfless & so deserving of a new home.

Meet Tim

Tim is a disabled veteran who was impacted by the tornado in Mayfield. Tim says he doesn't know how to move forward. Tim & his family lost everything. Their home. Their car. Their belongings. The building that Tim worked at was destroyed too, so now he's even more uncertain about his future... his dream is to have a home for his kids to grow up in. Tim has devoted his life to serving his family & his country, and he shouldn't have to worry about where his kids will grow up.

Meet Uncle Eddy

George Edward Long, aka Uncle Eddy, is a disabled veteran spending his Christmas Day rebuilding his house… We were driving through the destroyed neighborhood when we saw him painting a sign to tell people about his go fund me & we knew we had to help. We asked how much he had raised already & he said $20… & it was his own money that he put into the go fund me. No one deserves to spend Christmas alone rebuilding their destroyed home… especially someone who has devoted their life to serving others.  

Meet April

A kind soul with the biggest passion for barbering! She believes that a haircut can change a person's life. She says her past wasn't great, but getting her barbering license turned her life around. She lost her barbershop in the tornado and has no idea what to do now. Being a barber is her only form of income, and with your help, she can continue to support herself. She gave Charlie the best haircut & had a smile on her face the entire time!!! You can see her passion in her smile.

Meet Billy & Barbara

They dreamt of vacationing in Florida before the tornado destroyed their home. They had been living there for nearly 40 years!!! They say that their home was the gathering place where the family would come together and now it's gone forever.. but they say they still have their memories. Army of love, let's come together and help Barbara and Billy rebuild! We can't let their dream die.

Meet Joe & Judy

They were approaching their 60th anniversary when the tornado destroyed their farm. It was their only means of income. Everyone in Joe's family has always been farmers, and he has no other way of supporting his wife. They hope to rebuild and enjoy their years together.

Meet Dustin

Dustin and his family lost their detailing business in the tornado.. the storm destroyed the walls where he stored the vehicles that he detailed and all his equipment.. and then everything worth salvaging was looted.. he had nowhere to go and doesn't know how to rebuild… now he just wants to find a new place where he can start over. This is how Dustin supports his family & he deserves a place where he can continue his passion!!

We knew we had to act... so we hit the road and started the #RebuildtheDream Fund.

All these people got the help they needed to restart their lives, BECAUSE OF YOU!

Thanks to all of your donations, we were able to raise $1.5 million in just a few weeks. That money was given directly to these families to allow them to begin rebuilding. Never underestimate the power we have collectively. Together we can make great things happen. Stay tuned for updates on these families and more!

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