Shopify is collaborating with The Dream Machine Foundation by Matching Matthew's Sales of $25,000 on his Violets are Kinda Purple clothing line site, which will go towards his dream of being able to walk!

Earlier this week we came out with the announcement about Matthew Fernandez, a 22-year-old with Cerebral Palsy, and his dreams of starting his own Clothing Line and being able to walk. Well, we did just that and launched Matthew's very own clothing line "Violets Are Kinda Purple" (VAKP). Within 30 minutes Matthew's store generated $50,000 in sales. Ten minutes later he hit the $75,000 mark and that is when Shopify called Matthew and announced that they are matching the next $25,000 in sales of the $100,000 set goal.

Crossing off the $250,000 mark is a huge part of Matthew's dream to walk again, this will help with expenses that include moving into a one-story house that's wheelchair-accessible in a nicer neighborhood, a wheelchair-accessible van, and physical therapy.

Thank you to Shopify for contributing to Matthew's dream and paving the way for all dreamers across the world!

Check out Matthew's Clothing Line and Help Contribute to His Dreams by Getting a Piece of Clothing:

Violets Are Kinda Purple
Violets Are Kinda Purple
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