Dreamr x The Y

Oct 23, 2020 2 min read
Dreamr x The Y

Announcing Our Ongoing Partnership with The YMCA of Southern NV

We are so excited and honored to announce that we have formed an ongoing partnership with the YMCA in Las Vegas! During the Las Vegas stop of the Dream Machine tour 2020, We crowdfunded to raise $25,000 to build what we call The Dreamr Lab –a digital creative lab equipped with tools for all kids to use. The Dreamr Lab was built in 3 days; we’ve had muralists come in and paint on all of the walls to spark creativity and inspire people as they enter The Dreamr Lab.

There are 5 areas where these young dreamers can create and network with other like-minded individuals: The Music Studio, Video Editing area, The Design Hub, The Spotlight, and The Lounge. Each area is equipped with top-notch technology and software to serve any creative need.

The Music Studio has a custom-built HP Omen desktop with protools and an audio controller for beat production and song recording projects. There’s also a keyboard and a soundproof vocal booth that’s perfect for recording songs, voiceovers, podcasts, and more!

The Video Editing area & The Design Hub also have HP Omen desktop computers with high-end graphics processing with the full Adobe Creative Suite for any type of design project.

The Spotlight is reserved for YouTube, TikTok, or other video-based content. We have a white “Psych (CyC) wall” with a dropdown green screen and a graffiti wall. We supplied a Sony HD camera and 2 professional lighting setups.

Lastly, there’s The Lounge where you can just relax and network with other dreamers!

We believe in everyone’s limitless potential! We look forward to working further with the Y. Stay tuned!

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