The Dreamr Podcast | Ep. 1 Meet the Co-Founders

Nov 5, 2020 60 min read
The Dreamr Podcast | Ep. 1 Meet the Co-Founders

Episode 01- Ashish Bagrecha & Chris Adams

This episode features dreamr co-founders Chris Adams & Ashish Bagrecha. Chris & Ashish discuss a wide variety of dreamr topics including their backgrounds, how they came together to start the dreamr, and much more. Watch the full video episode on YouTube below. 

Transcript Provided Below


Ashish: Super super excited to be here, I think after almost five years uh we are here doing our very first podcast uh we have been on call every day, or you know done video calls, and you know texting each other all the time day and night but officially doing a podcast for dreamr uh it’s a dream come true in itself.

Chris: Yes

Ashish: Thousands of miles away and uh funny enough we’ve never been in the same room never met each other in real life but uh having one of the most beautiful uh brotherly bonds in the world and uh working together for so many years now uh you know as family as brothers um being here is it’s it’s it’s a moment of you know it it’s a huge moment for me I mean, and I know it’s for you as well but I’m just super happy to be here how are you feeling?

Chris: Oh, amazing brother! You know everything you just said it really like I couldn’t put it better. It’s a surreal moment to. You know we were talking about before just recording this out of necessity because dreamers are out there in the wild. Man, it’s like people are just going to be learning about this, but for us it’s been a long journey, five going on six years as you said, so yeah! Let’s take a moment. I think it’d be fun if I introduce you, and you introduce me just because you know people don’t know who we are, but we’re Co-Founders of Dreamr here, and so for all the people in the U.S., in case you don’t know who this superstar is; this is Ashish Bagrecha, my best friend in the world and my business partner of five going on six years now. You know in the last few years has had a lot of success as an author, specifically this year right, so December is when your first book under your name came out, Dear Stranger I Know How You Feel, like resonating with the people; it’s such a beautiful project because I think the title says it all. You were able to communicate things to people in a way where they felt understood and you know the ability to tap into that -the things that make us human- emotions. Such a talent, and it’s no surprise to me that that book went number one. Also watched you assist your wife with her dreams, and she’s a number one best-selling female author in India (shout out to Savi!). Watching you help her behind the scenes and figure out that industry and to be doing your own thing now and just crushing it! Second book on pre-order self-published. I’m so proud of you, man. All that on top of being Dreamr’s CTO and CMO. Dude, you’ve been crushing it. Thank you for everything you do. Ladies and gentlemen, Ashish Bagrecha -the rising star!

Ashish: Thank you so much! I’m humbled and honored for all the appreciation. When I started writing, it was purely out of expressing myself because I was personally going through depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. A couple of years were very difficult for me, and that’s when I started writing. One of the most beautiful things which helped me overcome depression was my relationship with you. You are always there for me like one text away for any advice or guiding me through meditations  to suggesting me what should I eat, what should I not, supplements, and overall being a support system -hearing me out whenever I wanted to share anything. Being the best advisor in the world, I would say you give me amazing advice, so thank you for that.

Chris: You’re making me blush

Ashish: I think that’s one of the most important introductions I should tell about you because I wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for, of course, my family and you. You’re a part of the family; that means a lot to me. Over the years, I’ve grown so much because of you -learning from you from the U.S. My leaders, my followers, everyone out there from India, this is Chris Adams, my Co-Founder, the best guy I would say in the world for me and, Mr. Abundance, I would tell you like so six years ago when the very first email I received from you, the text I received from you, and the handle was @mrabundance and i was like okay what is this let me talk to this guy i mean and uh it was very funny for me initially uh because uh you know like in the business world people usually don’t uh use uh such such names or anything like that and you know people would would come come to that the email ideas would you know professionally but then uh uh you know when i understood uh what this guy is and what his philosophy is about life about universe uh why we are here here why we are doing this project it it made so much sense to me and and you know having that philosophy that there is abundance of of energy love or resources uh you know out there in the universe and we uh just have to tap it uh you know that philosophy of you know that that you know i always believed in that but after i met you i i found that okay there are so many people out there who believe in this as well and so strongly that uh uh you know they would basically be so open in the business world to talk about it so openly and and you know well that was amazing for me and and now i know like you know like six years down the line i know what is this abundance theory is and so you know everyone you know i would just introduce chris as the mr abundance he would give you abundance of love he would give you abundance of resources abundance of freedom as well like you know when we have been we have been working on this project in so many years and you’ve always given me the freedom uh you know to uh do things the way i want to uh you know abundance of resources abundance of knowledge as well about so many different things uh you know so he’s a super creator uh you know the uh his journey you know and as much as i know he started uh this project for the sheer love of dreams of course uh but he comes from a non-technical background but he loved designing uh he’s a creator he’s an artist and he would uh you know his initial designs when she sent me for dreamr i was i was super impressed that you know like a non-technical guy never like be like never designed any app never worked on any app and you know came out with such uh you know amazing designs more importantly like behind every uh you know single screen every single icon every why this is here you know the flower or why we call this is a vibe or you know everything since from the branding the idea and everything everything has had so much meaning behind that and you know when uh art comes together with such profound meaning and then meets technology uh uh only then we would get something like driver i guess you know we don’t have impossible uh you know it’s not that uh so i think uh

Chris: I like that.

Ashish: simpson’s idea since uh the beginning i think this has been my biggest supporter and uh that that’s it about chris you know uh he he he in fact you know i think most of one of the most important thing i would like to you know tell the people that even though he calls me like the co-founder of the app and and you know i’m super super proud of that but uh the entire journey of dreamr app started with this single man uh you know he started this company he started everything and then you know we will talk about how we how we met and everything you know moving forward but he reached out to me we worked on the project and then he asked me that would you like to be uh you know the co-founder and i accurate ask for more than anything more in this world you know be of this and and and you know now here he he is so he’s taken a a a back seat and he puts everyone in the team in front of uh you know uh you know front of everyone out in the world uh you know he takes always takes a step back and you know who put the team in forward uh you know so that’s it you know i i’m super super uh humbled grateful honored to be on this team we called the co-founder but the entire journey you know it started with chris and it will be chris’s legacy i would say that uh yeah so so that’s it

Chris: come on man i was not expecting that i don’t know why i would ever expect anything less from you um but thank you i mean thank you for those kind words i mean i’m to be real i’m honest i’m honored to be sitting here um you and uh and guy shout out to guy um who’s out here but who spent a good part of this early journey with us uh and is still you know contributing to this day in any way he can but um man like the the things that we’ve been through to be sitting here and having uh this conversation and saying these nice things about each other only you and i and a couple other people are gonna really know you know but um man like the it made me feel accomplished just now to hear you say those kind of things and so i’m like this is a natural reaction to that so man thank you and it’s um you know i i believe it’s just a personal belief of mine that you know we can all achieve a whole lot if we’re not worried about who gets the credit

Ashish: Right

Chris: and um you know the truth is is that this would this would not be possible if it weren’t for you um you know having a someone with that technological background who understood my vision and essentially had a similar dream you know i remember um that was one of the first things you said to me was like hey i had an idea like this but i chose to you know start my app development company and uh you were the first person that i ever like got on the phone and and skyped with you know video conference to talk about building it and you know i talked to 10 other people after that but i knew you know from our first conversation that you were the one and it just it’s one of those things that unfolded supernaturally ever since and i love telling people that you’re my best friend and my business partner in six years and that we’ve never met in person it’s like my favorite um so it’ll change very soon you know once we can travel again but um it’s my favorite fact because i feel like we are a representation of what we’re trying to facilitate more of with dreamr um you know we met online because of a shared goal right and skill sets complementary skill sets and that was something that i stumbled into by just dumb luck you know somebody recommended i get on this site you know and then post something and then you know you were one of the people that replied or when your staff and you know to to to stumble upon those natural connections like that especially one like this like that is so serendipitous you know and it’s so um one of those things that’s like meant to happen um but i think you know where where technology comes in the picture and where you know having you on this team is has helped take this product where it’s it is and where it’s going um is you understand how we can kind of uh take technology to further facilitate those kind of experiences and connections you know um and so i think that kind of leads into our next topic which is you know what is dreamr and why did we create it um i’ll go first on this one um and it it it really is like you said it’s a it’s a love of dreams um but really it’s a it’s a love of people um and the the belief that i have that you know we are all just full of this this limitless potential um i believe human beings are amazing like we can do anything guys we could do anything it there’s just a way about it of where it’s like focus attention it’s learning the things that you need to learn to be comfortable you know whatever you’re focusing on but there’s a way and you know i’ve always been a nerd um you know being on the early internet building my own computers when i was in middle school things like that um but once i kind of realized within myself uh was through medication meditation uh not medication meditation shout out to guy as well who introduced me to meditation um always be the real homie for that but it was a few months into integrating that into my daily practice that you know i got lucky enough that my heart just kind of exploded you know i’m sitting here in my eyes closed and just seeing this explosion of like potential i don’t know any other way to put it but i just knew that like i knew that if i wanted to go be a doctor i could if i wanted to go fly planes i could like you know i believe in myself and i i know that everyone i’m not special either like i know everyone has that potential and so then it became like all right well how do we build technology how do we build something that helps people tap into that it helps people reach for the stars you know because right now that doesn’t feel practical a lot of people like you know dreams are on the back burner because there’s all these responsibilities and stuff so you know that that’s why um you know i’m here and why i’ve i’ve felt inspired to push for so long um and yeah i would love to hear your answer to this question as well

Ashish: i i think you know as i mentioned previously that i had the similar idea and that’s that’s crazy uh you know i i think i was 18 uh and uh you know i i started learning web designing uh when i i started learning web design since 16 but since 18 uh you know i started like freelancing uh can you hear me?

Chris: Yeah, I can hear you

Ashish: actually we do got strike from yeah you’re ready okay i just started moving yeah okay okay uh so uh you know since 18 i started like uh coding websites freelancing uh websites and i would i would do that initially for friends and family and you know people around around my house and i would go go to them and say do you need the website i deserve the site can i get it

Chris: how old are you now just so the people have some context

Ashish: i’m i’m 31 now i’m 31 now yeah so yeah along with my graduation uh in a college i while i was doing college now i i would go to like so many people so many clients and you know basically uh a lot of times i would work for free or very little money uh but i i just wanted to learn and during that time i realized that you know um my dream is basically i want to build a world where technology can empower people and whether it’s their business whether this profession whether it’s education health care or in bringing people together like social media this this is i’m talking about 2004 uh and those days in india uh you know internet was still new it was not adapted so so much uh you know compared to the us uh it didn’t penetrate so much you know uh

Chris: still before ads though

Ashish: yeah yeah it’s still before abs it’s two before ads before facebook it’s it’s like google was like slowly people started saying okay this is google and and you know people didn’t know about websites a lot as well like why do i need one uh and that was initially like people started using email addresses that time you know that was that early uh you know in in lost city like tier two three or three cities and and all that so you know i dreamed of of building a platform that because i was so fascinated with technology and internet growing up that it has so much power to do amazing things you want to and that’s why i dreamt like i’m going to build a company which will help people’s you know dream come true and and that’s my dream and uh you know then i i completed my uh bachelor’s in commerce uh i was still building apps and i was like i will do mba i’ll do my postgrad and technology marketing and everything and then i’ll set up a company which will help people dream come i want to study hard i’m going to learn technology and all that by completing my mba in master masters and business administration specialized in marketing uh because i love to sell products as well and i love to market them tell people about it basically tell a story that okay this is a project this is a product this will help you like this and and this is so beneficial for you so i’ve always been a kind of storyteller i used to write in short stories poems uh in my teenage i would compose songs you know i’ve been like a storyteller i want to tell the stories and uh i love telling business stories as well you know through marketing so after that after my mba and i realized that neither time for me to set up a company but i i felt that uh people are not yet ready for that uh well like around me in india especially you know i i didn’t like 2012 that was the early days of facebook uh like adapting in in india uh and then people were everyone was on facebook were using that i don’t know people were enjoying that i felt it’s too early for apps like mobile apps uh i i was learning android then and it was too early and i would like okay let me like start an app development company and you know jump into that get some experience uh and you know i remember my first first project like an international project or like off uh fifty dollars uh you know and when i received those like working with an international client we were still then i was working with a good indian clients indian companies uh for websites and everything but yeah i was like fifty dollars and i was like so happy to do that and and uh you know but then slowly as well i was building my company from five to 25 to 50 uh a team of 50 developers and all that and i realized that uh i was i was in a way i was helping these entrepreneurs make their dreams come true and i was like okay i’m i’m happy doing that right now and and you know that was it and so the idea of entire building like but a platform or that that like that that was like on a it went on a back burner to be honest like i i didn’t forget about it but it was not my number one priority like that you know i was i was i was learning i was growing helping these entrepreneurs build amazing products building connections but then one fine day i met you and and the entire story changed you know that that’s it you know you came to me and i said like okay dreamr is something i want to build uh this is a platform for dreamrs you know everyone who’s a dream will connect those people and we’ll give them tools and opportunities uh you know so that they can make their dreams come true it’s not just about talking about your dreams but also helping them uh you know to make make your dream come and i was like oh my god what what is this i mean this this is some kind of magic this is this a sign and everything um and and as you said you know we we did that very first skype call when i saw your project i read the description i had goosebumps i i would not like that is this like a a future me posting a project over here or i

i want to be a part of this uh whether i get this project or not i want to hear this guy’s story uh you know where he’s coming from what you know why how did he get this idea how he sees that and if i could be of any kind of help you know i would love to do that and you know that’s why you know i i i wrote through that i texted you like i want to talk to you about this project and i think we can we can walk together we got on the skype call the first skype call and and i remember you were there uh and you know it was just amazing i mean this is one of the most most beautiful uh you know amazing business calls i’ve ever had and the kind of things we spoke about dreams and and everything uh that was it and i was like uh i was just content someone out there is working on this and i’m happy to know that i’m happy to know that and i couldn’t do that but someone is doing that and and you know you you you shorten me you shoot an email to me like i think a couple of days later and said like she switched uh let’s work on this let’s do this and that that was it that was it i think uh yeah and and oh man man

and that was reamer in 2015 now we are in dreamr 2020. so i want to ask you first uh when the first envisioned dreamr 2015 2015 and now 2020 uh you know in in 2015 we did launch a beta version a test version uh so that was something else 2020 we’ve launched the final version of a lot of research a lot of you know understanding studies in terms of people psychologies the perspectives or the times we live in right now or amidst the pandemic we launched it and everything tell me uh like the very first initial version of dream about that and what is streamer that reimagined version 2020.

Chris: okay so man there’s so much i want to comment on from everything that you just said um i will get to this question um but now

Ashish: i think we should just keep moving forward otherwise

Chris: we will we will we will but i just have to i just have to say um like it took so right now you can look at dreamr and just like wow like those guys have it going on you know um you just like look at our instagram there’s a tour there’s a new app on ios and android it’s nice it’s it’s video heavy but it’s working well you know people are already finding success with it right but you go back to 2015 and it’s like chris and she’s just starting out right just getting to know each other um i think i had maybe like $25,000 or something like that and we wanted to build something i was ready to build something like i was ready to go like i knew dreamr was the next big thing back then you know um and you man you really worked with me to help me like put out a product in the market um and what we bet big on at the time when we launched that was that just just the social networking piece would be enough to really unlock potentials and like start making some dream come true and we wanted to be like as hands off in that process as possible like we wanted to build build the app build a social network for people to connect around their dreams and then just kind of sit back and like watch what happened right so we um you know to tell that story a little bit we put 2 400 people on it uh from 23 different countries all sourced off of just like nice artwork on the instagram like not really talking about much um but people liked it they hit the lander page and then we just had an email form there and people loved that app like i can actually show you an email of someone that i got the other day i don’t even think i told you about this um it’s like paragraphs long about how they were on that ios beta for like three days switched to android so they never got back on it um like now that it’s launched on android like they want their old profile back from 2015 and like that’s crazy to me um although i love it because it means literally someone’s been waiting that long for this product to come out um and so you know what happened was we we talked to our users you know like we’re we’re really trying to build something to where like this is not about money you know this is not about success or fame or anything like that this is really about giving people the tools to make it make it feel easy for them to dream big and when we talk to those users that they were like look we love the app we love the community i love having a space to talk about my dreams but without a way to like make money or get money for my project like this this is not this does not feel like the tool that you’re telling me it is um and of course you know we’re over here like well look like once you build the network like all those things kind of open up for you but the reality of that is that might take a while and you know just because you give someone a network doesn’t necessarily mean that they know how to leverage it um you know to raise money or to find a build a team or anything like that so you know we we i remember you know back then we were taking such a hard look at it because you know we had gotten like some friends and family capital involved at that point um and we were like do we do we launch this because like i definitely felt we could have launched it you know and had some users and like raised around or something but we knew it wasn’t we didn’t build what we had set out to build and that was ultimately what the feedback was and so what i will always respect about us is we pulled it back and we went to the drawing board and we were like okay how do we how do we solve this financial piece because that needs to be in the roadmap and it also from a technology standpoint needs to be in the foundation so that we’re building on top of something solid that is designed for financial infrastructure because you know the previous one wasn’t so um you know then then of course we solved that issue and then it was like all right we’ve got uh we need to we need like several million dollars to build what we want to build um and so uh you know that’s kind of uh we’ll we’ll drop our white paper soon but it’s not out to the public yet but we will show you what we’re building um there’s a little preview of it on our website but it’s it’s much more than just networking it’s much more than just you know uh building a community but that is going to be your foundation to pursuing your dreams building that community and so that leads us to the dreamr 2020.

Ashish: so let’s name the components uh which we are going to roll out

Chris: okay

Ashish: so that you know how can users could know

Chris: I will, okay

Ashish: what to expect from dreamr, yeah

Chris: you want me to

Ashish: yeah, so uh okay, I would do that uh yeah right now we have the dreamr social version of where you could use basically the very first important thing to make your dream come true is to declare it to talk about it to people and I think 90 percent of the people are hesitant when it comes to you know telling people their dreams they feel so vulnerable they feel so insecure uh they feel that people would either judge them or they could call them crazy, and I think that’s the most important of the hurdle to cross uh believing in yourself and talking about your dream and putting it out there in the universe and uh you know just uh you know declaring your dream declare this is my dream this is it and I want to do it, and that just opens a million possible doors for you I’ve seen that in my life you’ve seen that in your life if you wouldn’t have declared your dream to build this app, we wouldn’t be here you know we wouldn’t be here

Chris: Exactly

Ashish: that’s that’s the magic of declaring your dream if i wouldn’t have uh you know like super for my wife sabi she she is like as she uh as chris said that she’s india’s highest selling female author if she wouldn’t have declared her dream like to become an author she know funny enough be savvy and i also met on facebook basically and i was like we didn’t know each other and she she she declared her dream she was so hesitant but she declared she told her parents she wouldn’t be india’s highest selling female order she left uh you know her studies started accountancy dropped out well and uh like she she she declared her dream and she’s here if uh no if i wouldn’t have declared that i want to uh you know help people out there was suffering from mental health because i was i was suffering myself from that uh you know i wouldn’t be here and i started writing poems i have right and like just in a span of i don’t boast about that but in a span of like six months i went from zero followers to like 400 000 followers it just started by me declaring and talking about it that this is i want to build a community for people who are going through mental health issues you know and then i started writing about the book and publisher reached out to me that hey i want to we want to publish your book that’s the power of declaring you that’s the very first you know point and that’s why uh in the dreamr app uh you know we want people to talk about their dreams we understand the process because we have been through that and we have seen lives of so many other people uh you know no you know um amazing people who have been super successful if you see that if you see the life story it’s always started by declining i have a dream and this is it and talking about that dream uh and we want to guide everyone out there as well that how do you make your dream come true and dreamr app would you know roll out features in that way only we know the end destination but we are going to roll out the waves uh you know once you pass every phase and the next phase okay this is the tool we are giving you use it in the next phase we are going to give you this tool the very first tool is stream connect stream declaration and dream connect that’s what dreamr is right now you go to the app the very first thing it asks you is record your dream video what’s your dream you know you you go through the basic sign up profile but the first thing you have to do is talk about it record a self in a short video 60 seconds 30 seconds whatever you feel okay this is my dream be vulnerable be real uh put your heart out there uh we are seeing people now like when we see the dream videos now we are we are so blown i would never imagine that people would be talking things in this manner when we see now but the first thing is go and talk about your dream whatever it is you know you can add it later if you want to but yeah just go and talk uh put in what help do you want from this community what’s your obstacle basically talk about that as well this is i want help uh basically with finances or i want or to just network with people i want uh people who are in the fashion industry i want help i want to connect with fellow musicians singers whatever you know things you need help with what’s your obstacle or whatever talk about that declare that’s it then you go into the app it’s very uh intuitive experience for you super simple app you see dream videos of other people around you near your city first and then you keep expanding okay i want to see dreams of other people more like worldwide you know i could see that you will see dream videos of people just talking about the things that experience itself would be so moving for for you know so many of you watching that just watching dream videos because a lot of us you know spend a crazy amount of time right now on consuming junk content you know content that doesn’t really help you but it just destroys the mindset you know it puts in so much of negativity out there so many different platform studio platforms you know uh but when you’re on dream or when you’re consuming bite-sized videos 60-second videos of people talking about entrance that’s all together beautiful experience i mean and that just fills you with so much positivity and gives you that energy that even i can do that and i will do that and and i want to talk to this person you know that’s it make that first connections you know connect with people we don’t have followers here we don’t have friends list here we have connections that’s what we are all about you know this is it make connections you like a person’s video send a dream connect video like dream connection and tell the person that i want to talk about this i want to connect with you that’s it let’s talk about dreams you know and see how we can help each other uh that’s a dream connection declare watch stream videos you can keep swiping and watching uh you know different people’s swipe right swipe left watch people’s video what’s your profile what they’re talking about you can share people’s dream creams and once you’re connected you start chatting with them uh we have uh end-to-end encrypted privacy focus of chat messenger uh no one can read those matches not even iron or chris no one in the world would do that it’s end-to-end and it’s stored on your device it’s uh there’s nothing stored on the server basically everything is encrypted and uh you know we really wanted to focus on privacy so we did that and start talking with the people you know everyone that’s it start making connections and yeah what do we do right now uh you know i’ll just end this business uh you can of course there are a lot of features like we share people’s streams you can mark your dreams complete you can declare new dreams but what dreamr also does is uh you know we we are not passively watching you do all these things we are actively involved you and we reward you for everything you do get do you know we give you reward points we have gdp chris will tell more about that you know you are giving dreams power and you would earn rewards for every single thing you do on the app you create a profile you get a reward you create uh you know talk about your dream you get rewarded these are just things to motivate you inspire you and as well as genuinely reward you that you know you took this step to uh you know to fulfill your dream and we we are so happy to do you know we are so happy that you’re growing you’re so we are so happy that you’re taking those uh you know tiny little baby steps towards your dream and we want to help you you know just you like you reward a kid you know baby like you know you’re taking the first step and then you know trying to uh you know eat or play or do things walk and then run uh that’s what we want to see you know those steps you take everything will reward you you earn your reward points and uh you know we have so much um so many amazing plans for of course the reward points this will tell you more about that uh but right now we are giving uh you know merchandise to people uh in the future we want to give them a lot of things with crypto of so we have blockchain we have been you know uh incorporated blockchain in the app itself is blocked and uh we are also coming with our tokens as well so there are a lot of things we’re to announce very soon and and people will be genuinely rewarded uh monetary-wise not just you know uh intangible things and but they would probably yeah get real value of that so that’s it right now dream of version one get rewarded for everything you do but make connections that’s the first thing you know make connections talk to people and then in the future version the next version version one point one they’re going with dreamr moments stream of stories so one one thing i think uh i’m going to take long over here is it okay

Chris: um yes let me do i want to say anything real quick before you go in um so it’s uh just to just to comment on what you said then i’m gonna let you go um the the experience of connecting with people on dreamr um what we’ve found so far and what we’ve that the user feedback is is that it’s completely different than anything else online um because of the nature of hearing someone’s dream and then going right into conversation you know like if she said there’s no followers here there’s no follow follow back or any of that it’s like once you connected you’re throwing right into conversation that’s how we do it because we’re really trying to help you build real connections that turn into real relationships um you know me and this man being an amazing example of what you can accomplish when you really get to know somebody um that has you know a dream that aligns with yours so you know that that’s a big piece of it then also i want to touch on a couple core core pieces of the platform which are you mentioned one which is privacy uh and the other one is positivity okay so like positivity is is a practical uh tool for me to apply to my dream okay like when you think about your dream if you want it to be in a positive context you want it to be you know thinking about the future in a way that feels good and so dreamr is a positive environment you know dreams it’s a very vulnerable thing to put out your dream especially when you’re nowhere near it um you know when you you’re like literally at step one that’s what the declaration is right but it’s a it’s a big first step it sets the whole universe in motion for you and you know um dreamr is a safe space for you to do that um we have a amazing community that if there’s ever any negativity it gets reported and kicked out right away um and so yeah just that’s i just want to make sure people know that it’s like look we’re asking you to be vulnerable but we’ve also taken the measures to make sure that you have a safe space to do so um all right cool i see you good call one point one

Ashish: i think uh i don’t know that you know once the people as everyone just is they’re on the app and then they if they watch like even five dream videos they would get the essence of it automatically that it’s such a safe place for me to talk about my dreams and connect with people so yeah uh so you know we talked about in the version when we had the dream declaration you talk about your dreams that connect with people uh but that’s that’s just the beginning you know what we want to help people is document your dream you know your dream uh once you will achieve can inspire like millions of people out there if you document it journal it that this is how i achieved my dream right from declaration to making connections and what i did every single day to achieve that dream dream is not not a place where you just talk about your dreams dreamr is a place where you execute where you work on your dreams where you act on your dreams because there are billions of people on this world 8 million people everyone has a dream everyone has a dream but they don’t come true because they don’t act upon it they don’t execute a lot and i i would just you know add in like one of my uh you know volumes in in here so videos

Chris: Is that the dear stranger book.

Ashish: yeah yeah

Chris: And the new one

Ashish: when I add the poems, when I just like write a note and okay so from my box dear stranger I know I’m gonna recite one of the poems that’s about dreams and uh there’s the reason why I’m telling this because it just sums up what dreamr is about you think your dreams are dying but here’s the truth dreams never die, they’re simply leaving you when they grow tired they change homes they believe they deserve better because dreams love doers more than thinkers so yeah that’s a piece and that’s what uh you know that’s what I’ve always believed in that you know if you’re just a thinker your dream is never gonna come true we all feel that you know my dream guide or I couldn’t do this or that no I think it’s solely uh upon you if your dream didn’t come true if because you didn’t act upon it relentlessly every single day if you do that anything is possible

Chris: It will happen, it will happen

Ashish: history this history is the proof of that you know you’re seeing people from from nothing to doing everything uh so that’s that’s what we we want to encourage people with dreamr platform that it’s not just enough to declare your dream but it’s important to work upon your dream execute it and we are playing with the psychology over here in innovation one point one we have dream updates you know uh so every day whatever you do you put it on the app that okay let’s say i want to become a best-selling author okay and i declared on the app that okay my dream is to become a best-selling author but then every day day one i would come on the app and i’ll put out a story it’s similar to something like what a lot of platforms have you know like putting out moments stories uh uh you know uh it’s it’s a similar experience in terms of a tech piece but the uh the execution is completely different in terms of so much of positivity it’s like making a journal uh and and over here what you do is day one i would whatever i’ve done let’s say i’ve written like one page i would talk about i would update a story that okay i wrote one page i’m so happy on day two if i’m not able to write anything or just record a video and say i i couldn’t write anything and i’m lost uh and all that uh so whatever obstacles you you overcome you you journal it down whatever uh you know of things you you’re progressing with or whatever good things are happening uh you know as charlie says you know you’re always on a winning streak so whatever the winning streaks are happening uh you know you put that you you you know you post that on the app and and previously as i said it’s more of a psychology game people like to put out you know stories on instagram or you know like this is what i did today i’m so happy you know people like to show off and that’s also kind of a motivation if you say reverse you know i want to put that story so i’m going to do this right now basically you know that’s what is happening right now but it’s happening in a very negative sense these days you know with other platforms what’s happening is okay i want to put out a picture of me traveling to bali and that’s why i’m gonna click those pictures uh and so that i could put around put them down on on instagram you know it should look instagram uh perfect or you know social media perfect that’s why people do that and that’s one of the psychology we are tapping into that to give them a motivation every day that they could put out what they have done uh they’ll at the end of the day they’ll have something to put out on the app that okay i did this today you know uh so so two they intend to put on the app they would do something every day and you know so that’s i think that’s one of the psychologies we we have tapped into uh for for dreamr stories do you think moments uh and uh every day throughout your journey when you uh you know post your updates when you post your moments uh end of that you mark your dream complete when your dream comes true and it becomes like a digital journal a video journal of your of your entire journey like from day one when you were so vulnerable hey this is my dream and i want to achieve that these are most triggers but then people see that in the journey when you yourself see that journey that how far i have come through and that is so over like that’s so profound that would be like so overwhelming at times as well and it was so inspiring to yourself that the next dream you have you would have that motivation that i achieved this and i can do that as well and millions people out there watching that dream story that dream video the story of your life uh you call it your own movie the dream movie whatever you want to call that share it on other platforms uh and and inspire the world so you become this this you you play this huge role in inspiring others as well that’s that’s where we have three moments and memories and of these it was important you know to i i think i stretch it a bit but it’s so important to uh you know tell people about why we are doing what we are doing and and you know the reason behind every aspect and how they could use these features and how it would up like bring so much of so much value to them in their lives and and in pursuing their dreams so so that’s it uh in that version one point one you will be holding our profile in the next uh you know a couple of months uh that would be the entire dreamr social piece and then in the future uh super excited to talk about is uh crowdfunding and a marketplace uh not really going to reveal a lot of that but and dreamweaving uh

Chris: Dreamweaving

Ashish: I think after leaving the dream viewing is um I’ll let Chris talk about dreamweaving without pointing in the marketplace, in brief, please okay, thank you for watching

Chris: so I want to apologize to you real quick um, I had to look at my phone. I don’t know if you saw that um but it was uh, this podcast ran into a call with an investment banker, so I just had to let him know okay um but yeah, otherwise I would not. I would have ignored that, so my bad buddy.

Ashish: no problem, it’s okay

Chris: um so so yeah real quick um dream weaving is a a feature that if you’re using dreamr right now um it’s probably something you’re already wanting um it’s the way to invite others to participate in your dream so for example my dream of building the dreamr platform i would invite ashish to co-dream with me on that which we call dream weaving and what happens is when he accepts that invitation our networks combine to uh form what we call a super network and so now he can post an update to my dream because he’s working on it as well um you know i have complete control over that content because it is my dream uh to begin with and when we put out content or when crowdfunding is live and we launch a campaign our network in total gets notified about that and we are so excited about this feature because it it really is going to open up powerful collaboration and when you decide to work with someone on something you know they actually bring their whole network to the table that they’ve built on dreamr and i’m very excited for this because dreamr is is ultimately a tool to collaborate with other people um you know getting help from others is is a necessary part of your dream um and even if it’s just talking to people who have been there even if it’s just having somebody that gives you a word of encouragement when you stumble um you know those that kind of community is going to be your your foundation so

Ashish: i think some of the use cases for dreamweaving would be like let’s say i want to start my own startup you know i would need different people i would need a cto i would need a cmo i would need a designer i would need a content manager a social media manager and this is this is my startup journey story you know if i want to tell that story if i want to pitch that to investors i could just tell them okay go to this link of our dreamweaving on dreamr and you would see all our members you will see what we have done so far and what we have done uh what we have achieved so far and and they would see real your real life hustle you know you just you don’t have to like talk to them and pitch them so much and convince them to invest in you just share that dream link and show them this is our journey so far if you believe in this see this what you have done every single day that’s it that is so powerful you know for everyone who wants to start their own startup fund anything they want basically no that that’s the powerful thing you know anything you want

Chris: I hadn’t even fully thought about it in that context that you just put it in yeah yeah, that’s genius like so I’m so excited this has been in our heads for so long um like I’m so excited to see what people actually do with it like that’s a great use case um yeah man amazing um so to touch on the next feature is uh we’re also building a peer-to-peer marketplace we are leveraging the blockchain for that and you know what that is it’s to allow people to safely make agreements um with each other without necessarily a third party that’s like setting a bunch of terms um but in a way that’s safe and is protected on both sides so for example say

Ashish: smart contracts

Chris: smart contracts exactly so um you know i i have skills in graphic design i list that as a skill in the marketplace for you know 75 dollars an hour she has skills in in development you know he lists coding on there for for a 100 an hour right and you know we come across each other just like we did online previously um but now i’m like hey you know i’ve got a skill that’s relevant to my dream maybe he you know wants to build something as well but he needs some design work we can trade um under contract to where look both work has to be you know delivered before everybody gets theirs or i can just hire him you know and that money will go into a contract and when i receive and approve the work the money gets released and you know the the benefit of that happening on dreamr is dreamrs also there in case something happens and an issue needs to be resolved um and that’s like you know a big piece to this ecosystem because once you have someone who takes an idea and they bring that idea and they build a team and you know and that team raises funds you know they’re gonna need additional help you know they’re gonna need to hire on pieces that they didn’t have before and they’re gonna look to their network to do that and so now there’s a whole pool of talent a whole like peer-reviewed skills that have been out there and tested right within the same platform that you know hey if i go higher than someone to do you know this aspect of my project i’m also feeding their dream you know and it just really you know everything is set up in a way where people are adding value to each other and never just taking um and i think that is a big piece to this is you know when you’re talking about the psychology um it’s really about you know it’s designing things in a way even designing interactions in a way to where people both leave fulfilled and having been added to uh and that’s just that’s abundance theory you know that’s um it’s the idea that

Ashish: I want you to write the word you write foreign, and you know should be like called the abundance theory, and I was so excited to read it I would I really want you to write that I’ll do I’m gonna do it for you and then if you like it enough to publish it well no I would I think I’m gonna love it and you know I would say definitely I think it’s gonna be number one versatility you should really write like the abundance theory I think the title itself is super catchy yeah I love it

Chris: Yeah, no, I like that a lot um, you know

Ashish: maybe make a movie you know maybe make a movie yeah

Chris: surround yourself with big dreamers. Yeah, you know a good idea will happen and then all of a sudden our whole life’s changing like we’re dropping everything we’re working on um but no, I mean I have so much respect for you the fact that you do everything you do for dreamr, and still you know are pumping out books man um, but that’s something I could definitely see myself doing.

Ashish: I’m gonna definitely like sometimes I’m gonna definitely write a book on dreams you know I and uh it might be like a poetry book like this is this poem like a collection of poems only on dreams because people right now yeah yeah people have like short term intentions and might not spend a lot of time and give some context with poems as well or maybe like a whole all in all you know like motivation book on dreams or but I’m definitely gonna write that I’m like declaring that right on this podcast everyone out there I want to write a book on dreams, and you know how do you like to chase your dreams like yeah I want to do that

Chris: amazing amazing yeah um and and so that i’m sure what that book will will contain much like if uh if i write this abundance book it’ll just be you know what what following our dreams has taught us about life um and then part of the reason i’m so passionate about helping people um you know take the first steps to moving towards their dream is it’s there’s a magic in it um you can hear people like steve jobs and stuff talk about it when they say hey your heart already knows what you want to do like if you follow that you know there’s there’s things ahead for you that you don’t even really fully realize and and that’s what i think the magic is and following your dream is you know it leads you down a path that life you know has set up for you and it doesn’t take long before you start to feel that um to where you start to meet people that you otherwise would have never met where you start to go places and do things you otherwise wouldn’t have done if you weren’t following this dream and um what that’s taught me about life just doing that is that you can build momentum on things and you know part of um that psychology issues talking about like with dream updates and and just you know being rewarded for getting on the app every day and for making connections with people is that momentum starts to take on a life of its own a little bit like you have you know dreamr now um started with just me now if there’s like 40 people involved you know and there’s a lot of like people who put money in and things and all of that is is really you know he boiled down to it a direct result of me putting one foot in front of the other for a long time um and that is that’s the concept of a momentum and that’s and that’s another kind of aspect of abundance is like if you just keep going if you keep taking the next step with whatever resources you have right now the the universe will meet you halfway um and what we’re gonna do with dreamrs we’re gonna tell those stories um about how people have used it how that momentum has kicked in and where they are now um and so yeah you know that’s uh i just want to make sure we touch on that i know following your dreams has taught you so much i mean yeah you haven’t even touched on your your love dream that’s come true yeah there’s you know i’ve been wanting to check them off like you know the past couple years man of like and it’s been so inspiring um but yeah if you could give the people one little nugget of like what’s the most valuable thing that following your dreams has taught you uh and then we’ll move on to the next thing

Ashish: i think following my dream has taught me that i can be happy i think uh right now in this today’s world we are so caught up in in metrics like the number of followers i have the likes i have back balance i have what kind of cars i have watches i have uh you know uh and we are so trapped chasing uh you know that materialistic like success that we forget to be happy and we forget that how immensely incredibly powerful we are you know i i have been a person who has always had very low self-esteem and i wouldn’t be happy like i i i nothing would fulfill me to be honest like nothing fulfilled me i would do different things but that didn’t make me happy and i always feel super vulnerable uh so much low self-esteem our i felt like i’m not enough no one really loved me i would never be happy i would never get love in my life i would never be loved i might not ever get married and i i would my life would be like worthless you know that that was me like you know 10 years ago most of that of me was like even five years over three years ago you know in my depression all of that negativity like kicked in so much and then i realized that you know i i have to give myself a chance i have to introspect whatever i really really want in life what’s like my dream dream you know this is this is it this is what i’m gonna do for the rest of my life and what will really really make me happy and you know i i found so much peace in in you know talking with people and then knowing their stories and telling my story and poetry and and stories and i i was out my entire life you know i i realized that this is my center point of stories and how do i tell more stories how do i create more stories how do i listen to more stories uh and from that i decided okay i want to write a book i want to start telling my story first to the world and then i also want to listen to the people story that’s where you know dreamr comes in the picture that you know it allows me to listen to so many beautiful dream stories in the world which which makes me happy and i could also play a little role in you know making those those dreams come true making those stories come true uh you know that is the end all that just makes me so happy so happy and and i now i feel that i’m so incredibly powerful i i don’t have any low self-esteem like i have so many amazing people who love me i’m not allowed you know i’m not alone there are amazing people out there who love me the people out there uh you know you know battling their own uh you know issues but still still trying to change light you know until till not giving up uh you know incredible people out there so you know i think that’s that’s that you know i’m i’m i’m i’m at peace right now i have got amazing friends like you you know you you you asked me about my love life as well like savvy and i you know our story is like seven years long uh and there have been a lot of ups and downs we thought like uh firstly i thought i would never find a fine love and then i met savvy and became best friends and i would give a shorter you know that uh but even like when we started working together on books and stories and and and a lot of stuff but then you know uh a lot of setbacks like in in every relationship you know they’re lost like the doubts or insecurities uh and you don’t know what the future looks like and you know you know then you know we thought that okay let’s let’s keep trying we tried nero’s question of marriage i was i’m not sure i really wanna like be committed in something but i i i was like no i i really want to get committed to this girl but then there were a lot of other issues like my our families whenever you know that no they were like in india we still have a lot of issues like in the cast issues and you know we come from uh more of traditional orthodox roots in our families they’re very understanding they understand all of that but they but hesitant and you know uh as well but then you know we fought all those hurdles and then you know like like getting married and you know while we were in that relationship i was going through depression i was going to panic attack so overcoming that together uh you know that that was so so powerful that you know i realized that if i could overcome this i could have worked on so much you know like and you know 2013 you know i was going through typical classes that’s that’s like one of the big biggest things of my life and i had a huge huge lumps you know in my neck and i thought uh i was in the icu and you know it was like last stage of your losses and the you know doctors were saying that you might not really really like live for a long time and and you know that that was it i had like blood warmest i was out puke blood my hair started falling my skin getting affected i had like uh blood visions i had like memory losses at times and i would go to a room and i would not know that why am i here you know that was like there but i i fought through that because i realized that there’s so much more i want to do in my life still i can’t really give up and you know coming from all all that and and then now finally being happy that’s so beautiful like an entire like having this amazing friends like you in the u.s having beautiful beautiful and amazing wife like savvy uh you know thousands of people out there you know loving me or that like pouring incredible support for me my my writings my books and and all that when i go on book tours and meet those people and hug them i feel so happy so i think following my dream has made me super happy super blessed super grateful uh and i just want to try to do that as well for people you know that’s it you asked me for a short giveaway but i give a whole story

Chris: I love it. I’m glad you touched on that stuff. Your story still needs its own episode, but I’m glad you touched on that stuff, and you know that’s the power of a dream. You know there were all those obstacles you know for you guys um there was just I mean just the fact of being young and in love is difficult um but the dream of that life together the dream of you know you knew she was the one you know and having that dream allows you to have faith and you know overcome that stuff and uh and that’s the same with any dream you know it’s like when you know that this is what I’m here for this is what I’m doing it’s something you don’t give up so easy um and you know because of that it’s you know you get

Ashish: and you start you start trusting the universe that’s i think the biggest thing you start trusting the universe that whatever is happening good or bad we have to understand that the universe is not against us it’s not in the opposite team it’s in my team it’s with me having that belief and whatever whatever is happening it’s a grand plan i might not understand right now but if i have that faith in the universe i would just see everything in a very positive frame okay this didn’t happen probably something better is coming okay this investor turned the offer down didn’t offer us money probably there’s a better investor out there who’s waiting for us you know understand that i you know this person left me you know i know there’s something someone else waiting for me i have a i’ve had been in relationship before savvy you know we you know a lot of us have been in the military but then you know when those you know those terrible heartaches you know like broke my heart and i felt like oh my god what i’m gonna do with my life if i didn’t know this is happening for my good but now when i see the retrospect it all makes sense you know and in life when you see in things in retrospect everything makes sense so you know that believe that trust in the universe that is happening it’s for my good i might not see it but i have to trust it i mean once you see that once you do that your your life changes your life entirely changes everything you do from the from the moment you wake up in the morning the things you set out to do you do it in such a positive mindset you would never be disappointed with with setbacks with hurdles with obstacles with failures it would just keep growing you know i think that’s that’s a story of dreamr how we are here right now that story of our lives and that’s i think one of the key giveaways i i want to want to give to everyone out there who is watching that play trust us please do that i say that all the time in my poems all the times in my speeches and you were like that’s it and i think that’s that’s it

Chris: that’s a real one buddy that’s something you know i guess like for years we have put that to practice things not working out things fall on things we really wanted to happen too you know um you know that meant we could take that next step that meant we could launch or whatever and you’re talking you know delays on something that we’ve been working on for a long time but switching to that mindset of like nope you know we’re following our dreams like the universe is conspiring in our favor um you know you get enough of those in hindsight you start to apply it in the moment um and you know it’s it’s just true you know it’s like something you don’t have to believe us it’s something you can try and see the results for yourself but i will promise you right now that when you start following your dream and you have the faith that you know whatever is happening it’s it’s for you it’s for you not against you it’s for your highest good it’s for the path that you’ve set out on you know and you’re clear on your intention you know that’s i think that’s a big piece of it is like the universe will very much conspire for you when you know where you’re going um you know like you got to put a destination in there first and that’s that dream is and then the universe it it just meets you halfway that’s all i can say it’s something you gotta apply yourself and really get the experience of but there’s a reason why we we bet so big on dreams you know it’s because we we know that this is the truth and when you put it out there things will start happening for you no matter what it is no matter how it looks like you will grow and learn from it and it will ultimately be a very fulfilling part of your journey and you know minimum when you look back it’ll all make sense and and you know that’s uh it’s something that i’m just so proud to be a part of this man like i know i started it but like that’s still a surreal thing for me i just look i’m just like man how do i just get to be ceo of this like how is that my future and you know that’s that’s just a testament of like this is something i focus on every day and i’m still saying that in complete honesty because that’s that’s just the the nature of how i think our relationship with life is is meant to be you know when you’re following your dreams your life will surprise and delight you with the right people the right but you’ve got to be doing your part to line up with all that stuff all that stuff is there for you but to line up with it you know requires your action on the dream your steps forward and um yeah you know like uh five years down the line brother like i i want to see people going from idea to billion dollar company from you know stating a a desire to you know help with climate change to actually doing it you know a stating um you know desire to find love or happiness to then you know coming back and seeing that person in love and happy like any dream all dreams are welcome these tools are applicable to everything you know and if if there’s one that doesn’t apply to your dream you just don’t have to use it but dreamr is is something that it it’s meant for everybody’s dream no matter what it is the dream that’s in your heart is welcome here and um you know our community is going to do everything we can to support it

Ashish: wow, wow, awesome I think that there are so many things you know we can talk about dreamr and you know, and we are going to cover that in the next podcast uh I think to you know to end it I think we should we should add what we are doing now or things of like the dream machine tour and what’s happening now uh so be sure about that

Chris: Yeah, so um huge shout out to uh another team member that’s not present here charlie rocket uh who is out on tour, chief dream officer charlie rocket yep um he is such an inspiring individual uh if you google him if you haven’t heard of him look at his story

Ashish: someone put charlie’s Instagram in the description so you guys can check him out

Chris: Yeah, definitely um I’ll put his highlight video to where you really see him declare his dream at his most vulnerable state um you know he’s at the height of his career the music industry 300 pounds has health issues and he you know puts his dream out in the world of being a professional athlete and you know that story is documented and so that that’s why we really brought him on as our chief dream officer is he’s somebody who’s really out there and he also um has that brilliant mind where he’s able to communicate uh his psychology, and that’s how we ended up you know knowing about charlie rocket and meeting him. You know, I saw a couple interviews, and I was just like man, this guy like he gets the mindset that we’re using to apply to build this thing um and then you know was aware of him for a while um an acquaintance connected us and then once you know once he saw a dreamr he was like man he’s like this is it, so the rest is the history you know it’s some super happy to have him on the team he’s somebody like yourself where it’s just everything’s been super smooth as far as getting things done um, and he’s uh you know he’s willing to go towards the country in a pandemic, uh to talk about dreams and the power of dreams, and that’s like such a bright spot that the world needs right now, so you know huge shout out to charlie rocket dream machine uh is the website there um and we are you know yeah

Ashish: yeah, we are like yeah, so dreamr is the official sponsor of the dream machine tour. I don’t know uh you know let people know uh that we know like how we met charlie no people know now that how he met charlie and you know uh how we on like why we wanted to work with him and at the same time we wanted to dreamr really believes not just in the tech aspect of it like okay uh we have given you a tool and do all that not we are not just a technology company, uh we are uh genuinely out there helping people to philanthropy, uh and you know making dreams come true in the real world as well uh you know till now you know we have fulfilled uh four dreams I guess uh Casey yeah yeah and the biggest machine or the vegas one the biggest dream gym studio in the Milwaukee dream studio and uh which is the fourth one.

Chris: uh, we just recently gave away a car to the single mother.

Ashish: yeah, we go with the car as well, right, so those are like the four uh as a part of dream machine tour uh we first failed those four we completed those four dreams, and that’s just been amazing right now we have done 60 tours of I think five cities till now if I want to go

Chris: we’ve done five cities. Yep um, there’s been, so I want to talk about the community dreams real quick there’s been three community dreams. There’s the studio at the music studio in watts.

Ashish: um, we call it the dreamr lab. Tell us more about that.

Chris: yeah, so there’s you know obviously we want to help those individual dreams too, but something that we’ve kind of tapped into with the tour that I’m really excited about is these community dreams something that the tour can leave behind, and it’s something that continues to create opportunity continues to provide resources for people’s dreams long after the tour is gone and so the first one uh is a fully um fully loaded music studio at the watts empowerment center um we donated that to them, and it’s uh you know charlie, like crowdfunded it built it out, had a ribbon-cutting ceremony that’s in la watts l.a yeah

Ashish: that’s an l.a okay

Chris: yeah then and so they’re a little different each time um so that was a music studio in in a neighborhood where like that community like they have a lot of soul they want to make music but it’s a rough neighborhood those kids don’t have access to a studio or the ability to upload anything like that um that’s safe and you know run properly um so it’s a that’s a that’s a resource that we were very excited to put in there uh in vegas which is is my home city um you can see the the west side of vegas behind me but um yeah we we partnered with the ymca out here to to crowdfund and build in three days we raised $25,000 and built a digital creative lab um which is something that completely represents us we have another company called dreamr labs um where we you know continue to help entrepreneurs and other businesses with development and consulting things like that but um this dreamr lab being just a creative suite of tools that these neighborhood kids can use um is like my favorite thing ever um six artists came from around the city like the people that have painted our downtown just did murals on all these big walls we put hp omen computers with like really high-end graphics processing there’s a whole music studio in there too with a soundproof vocal booth um and we have uh like youtube setups as well so really like a content creation factory not a comp like calling it a computer lab does no adjustment to it whatsoever

Ashish: the images and like the link to the images in the description, yeah

Chris: yeah there’s a blog post out on this and a youtube video which we’re going to drop so we’ll put links to that you can see the dreamr lab uh the ymca has been a great partner so far we’re hoping to do more with them uh and then in milwaukee we donated a lab as well and built it out in a few days um that one came from a couple sponsors we didn’t crowdfund it um but it’s still still an amazing project we have documentation on that as well coming out that was in partnership with the foundation called above and beyond the playground um which you know has ties to to our mentors and people out in milwaukee so um yeah those those are the community dreams i like to call them evergreen dreams where they’re just going to continue to be a resource for the community long after the tour is gone um and then we’ve got the individual stories as well casey casey williams um you know we’re going back to detroit so you’re going to see more of her um you know a couple cars given away like there’s a lot more in tour for the tour a lot that hasn’t been told yet

Ashish: there’s a lot more coming up as well a lot more coming up amazing uh you know uh uh stream uh dreams coming through and that’s what you know we wanted with dreamr as well like when you go out your dream on on the dreamr app in the future we want to basically you will sponsor some of the dreams or make dranks uh you know connect with these dreamrs and and basically pitch brands to help those dreams come true there’s so many things we are planning with dreamr uh and we want to do that you know a lot of things uh that’s the power of dream that’s the power of dreamr uh that’s what we are at the dream of podcast one uh if you guys love uh this podcast uh please uh you know do yourself a favor uh go and download dreamr app uh on the app store and android android play store of download now uh go and talk about your dream watch amazing people in this world talking about the dreams connect with them start a conversation and we would help you uh you know gradually and slowly uh you know to reach that destination uh and you know you discover amazing things so many things are coming we really we are super excited uh one more thing is this is amazing hoodie you see chris you’re wearing the streamer merch if you want that uh you can go to uh beautiful beautiful uh hoodie and they’re a lot of amazing amazing merch t-shirts there are caps there are pin flowers and we are coming with a lot of amazing uh new uh you know product lines as well which you would love to wear and you know show it to the world and basically these are extensions of dreamr to make you feel good about yourself to make you feel positive about yourself and give you that energy to go and pursue your dreams um there’s an amazing story of that flower we have in the dreamr logo and everywhere on that we’re gonna talk about that uh hopefully in the next podcast uh you know there’s a lovely story to that and so much psychology and and you know so much research into that as well as we’re going to hear that uh we’re going to have charlie as well hopefully uh in the coming podcast we’re going to have like some amazing guests as well uh this podcast was just a beginning to give you a brief uh you know about who we are what we are doing what is dreamr uh in the most candid in the most raw and real way we could do that for you guys so i hope you guys enjoyed it uh if you are you watching on youtube please go and subscribe uh you know comment below what do you think of dreamr what we can do at dreamr what do you think uh how we can improve uh please do that tag a follow dream if you’re watching this on instagram tag a follow dreamr uh share it with your friends if you’re listening this on spotify or any other you know podcast platforms uh please please share it with with the fellow dreamrs make them listen to this make the list up to the power of dreams and uh we’re gonna see you soon so that’s my departing door chris whatever i say

Chris: hey, I don’t know, that’s a beautiful sign off I’m looking forward to the next one already um, it’s going to be a lot of fun you guys, we’re going to have a lot of fun pursuing our dreams yeah um, and you’re going to have a lot of fun too this is meant to be lovely you know life’s going to be good

Ashish: we are going to bring uh dreamr users as well on this podcast and talk about their dreams as well

Chris: one hundred percent

Ashish: so please go declare your dream, and who knows you know you would be on this podcast with us very soon

Chris: we’ll put our users, yeah we’ll put our usernames on here add us and let us know that you want to be on the podcast and why and uh that’s probably going to be your best shot they’re getting on here yeah so thank you

Ashish: we are always posting like dreamr of the week as well on instagram as well so um go and talk about your dream we would pick handbag you know some of the nicest not nicest i would say but uh you know dreams which a lot of people could relate to and you know uh you know we’re gonna put that on instagram as well and let people know about your dreams uh we we are making uh a collection of a lot of dreamr stories prema reel so you know we want to put you out there in front of the world with whatever resources we have as well uh so go and talk about your dreams and uh let’s make dreams come true and there’s one final line which i uh you know i want to say is uh you know why and and why we are doing this what we are doing this is you know every every dream every everyone has a dream every person has a dream and every dream deserves to come true and that’s what we are at dream i know we want to make every single dream come true uh love you so much guys love you brother it’s been an amazing amazing conversation with you

Chris: I love you, brother

Ashish: the first amazing yeah first video guys such a huge youth podcast and came out so nice to hear it’s like so nicely you know so natural surreal uh I went into this whole host mode for a while, uh you know uh like uh but yeah that’s what I am beautiful you know what you’re doing you’re the professional, so I’m the manga bro

Chris: I love it, man. Thank you so much, um, and yeah, like more dreams more dreaming here we go, yeah.

Ashish: yeah, cool, I’m gonna call you on WhatsApp now; okay, cheers, take care

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