The Dreamr Podcast | Ep. 6 with Creative Storyteller David "DRock" Rock.

Jun 22, 2021 1 min read
The Dreamr Podcast | Ep. 6 with Creative Storyteller David "DRock" Rock.

In this week's episode, Chris interviews David Rock or better known as "drock!" on the internet. Drock has worked for Gary Vaynerchuk for the past 7 years as his Executive Creative Director. David is a multi-talented aspiring filmmaker turned storyteller, in the business of creating stories around people and brands.

David is responsible for ideating, creating and informing creative for Gary Vaynerchuk and other brands they're involved with. He gives creative/technical feedback of work while allowing for humility and merit of the creative to be able to see the day of light. He is also a full-time Producer, Director, Videographer and Editor of "DailyVee."


In this episode, drock talks about how he got the job with Gary and the value of working with somebody like him. We also talk NFT's & Beeple, the "All In Challenge", how doing good every day can change your life, his next big dream and his top three pieces of life advice for dreamers..


  • The value of surrounding yourself with a mentor and working with Gary. (1:40)
  • Veefriends, NFT's & Events. (8:40)
  • The "All In Challenge" and the Power of Giving and Gratitude. (18:00)
  • Mentality and Getting through Hard Times. (23:00)
  • What is next for drock? (25:30)
  • Behind the story of "Beeple" - the $69 Million NFT  (30:00)
  • Drocks 3 main pieces of advice for Dreamers (37:30)

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Instagram - @DROCK & Twitter - @DAVIDROCKNYC


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