Wow!!! Thank you to the entire community for purchasing Richard's artwork! and all of the celebrities and brands helping us to amplify this story to the world.

In case you haven't been following the updates on social media, we launched a Shopify site for Richard and set up infrastructure for people to be able to buy prints of his artwork.

Richard Hutchins Studio
Richard Hutchins Studio

There was over $50,000 in Sales during the first 4 hours of the site's debut 💜

Richard's story was such a sensation, it started to be shared by celebrities like Trey Songz, Will Smith, Steve Harvey bought an Original Painting for $3K, and even Shopify shared the story of Richard's take-off as an e-commerce sensation.  

Richard has now sold over $100K worth of prints and commissions since launching his site just 5 DAYS AGO!

All of this has been building up to the special one-night DREAM COME TRUE event that we announced last week.

SPECIAL DREAM COME TRUE EVENT: Love & Dreams - One Night to Change a Life!
Red-carpet art show for homeless artist, Richard Hutchins. Every sale goes to helping him get off the streets. June 24th at The Cool HeART Gallery located inside Sofitel Beverly Hills. Love and Dreams: One Night to Change A LifeRed-carpet art show for homeless artist, Richard Hutchins. Every sale go…

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